The 12BE6 is a heptode or pentagrid valve. The heptode is classically pins, is 47 mm tall. References: Datasheet &. Type 12BE6 was first introduced in 12BA6. 12BE6. Page 1. !! C. CE ELECTRONICS. 12BABE6. – DESCRIPTION AND RATING. BA6. 12BA6 Remote-Cutoff Pentode. The 12BA6 is a. electron Tube Data sheets – 1. 12BE6, General Electric, H, ( bytes). 12BE6, Brimar, H, ( bytes). 12BE6 photo, RCA (RC30).

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Mullard’s ECH81 became popular with the move to miniature nine-pin valves. The All American Five was to use a pentagrid converter from when it first appeared inright up until valves became obsolete when transistors took over.

It would therefore have been 12bf6 impossible to prevent the signal from one grid coupling out of the other. Collection of Ulrich Fieseler D.

The UK manufacturers were initially unable to use this type of mixer because of the BVA prohibition on multiple structures and indeed unwilling to use separate valves because of the levy. Collection of Werner Sticht D. Views Read Edit View history. Collection of Dirk Sponholz D.

All the ingredients for the pentagrid were now in place.

The 12BA7 gives twice the conversion transconductance of the other tubes. Thus the grid configuration was grid 1, signal input; grids 2 and 4 screen grids connected together – again, usually internally and grid 3 was the oscillator input. InEdwin Armstrong used only triodes when he invented the superheterodyne receiver. It is clear that there is a significant difference in AVC response of these two tubes.


I made a casual measurement of the performance improvement with the Teletone with a DC measurement of the AGC line:.

This implies a sharper AGC action at the expense of tolerating smaller maximum signals at a given distortion. In the UK, the Postmaster General who was responsible for radio licensinglaid down a set of stringent rules concerning radio interference.

12BE6 Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

InPhilips invented a technique of adding yet another grid to combat the secondary emission that the tetrode suffered from. This allowed Philco to use this valve in every line of radio throughout the s.

I will try it when I have a 12BA7. This was done in such a way that Philips claimed that the oscillator electron beam and the mixer electron beams were separated as much as possible and thus the pulling effect was minimised.

It is correlated with the characteristics of the General Electric data sheet that I overlooked. I compared reception for three different stations:.

Collection of Martin Steyer D. The reasons were to differ from the UK to America.

Replaced by 12BE6A, characterized by controlled warm-up time, for series string heater operation. The first devices designed to change frequency in the manner described above seem to have been developed by the French, who simply put two grids into datasjeet would otherwise have been an ordinary triode valve the bi-grille.

Other candidate pentodes with a compatible octal pinout and remote cutoff might be: This was often accomplished by using a Hartley Oscillator circuit and taking the cathode to the tap on the coil. Also keeping the oscillator signal out of the antenna circuit was difficult.


For about the same plate datashdet screen voltages, the cut off grid voltage is almost three times larger on the 12SK7.

Re-registered in June with the same cathode-heater insulation. Best regards, Jose from To thank the Author because you find the post helpful or well done. Thanks for the information of the measured voltages. Datasyeet improvement for both radios was also quite obvious to my ears.

The cathode is tied to the suppressor grid.

The American devices although having no secondary emission due to the suppressor grid, nevertheless were able to get the required non linearity by biasing the oscillator such that the valve was overdriven. The pentagrid proved to be a much better mixer.

12BA7 to 12BE6 or 12SA7

Grid 2 functioned as both a screen and the oscillator anode; in this case the grid wire had to be present to provide the screening. One company, Osrammade an ingenious 12bd6. The contrast in cutoff voltages you report illustrates clearly ddatasheet different AGC action for these two tubes.

Click on these thumbnails for wiring detail: Transconductance for the 12SG7 is umhos. Capacitor types Ceramic resonator Crystal oscillator Inductor Parametron Relay reed relay mercury switch. Designed for low-cost AC radios, the device was deliberately designed to allow strong signals to pull the oscillator without the risk of radiating the oscillator signal from the aerial.