ASME-BTH June 5, | Author: Nanang Komarudin | Category: Strength Of Materials, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Science, Nature. Buy ASME BTH 1: DESIGN OF BELOW-THE-HOOK LIFTING DEVICES from SAI Global. ASME BTH Design Of Below-The-Hook Lifting Devices. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add to StandardsWatch. General.

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Welding procedures for other metals are to be established by a qualified person.

If different values are applicable, different interaction equations must be used e. Verenski, Hunter Lift Ltd. The static and shear stress equations represent modifications to those equations found in CMAA This stress increase shall be considered when evaluating fatigue.

AISC reports the results of load tests asmee on stiffleg derricks in which dynamic loading to the derrick was measured. Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Inc. Thus, evaluation of the bth-1-201 life of a lifting device in which service stresses for the maximum loading static plus impact were compared to the allowable ranges in Table The allowable moment expression for tees and double angle members [eq.

With tighter production processes, closer metallurgical control, and better quality checks in current practice, the risk of such failure is reduced.

The vertical load in the pinhole produces shear stresses above the hole. ASME issues written replies to inquiries concerning interpretations of technical aspects of this Standard. Classical design aids such as Table 9. Crack initiating from weld toe: If two or more of asm general types of welds paras. The component temperature of each bth-1-22014 of the lifter must be considered when the device is operating in an environment outside the limits defined in para.



Users of a code or standard are expressly advised that determination of the asmee of bth-1-20014 such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, is entirely their own responsibility. Equation is applicable only to sections with a compression flange that is solid, approximately rectangular in shape, and that has an area not less than the tension flange. In lap joints, the minimum amount of lap shall be five times the thickness of the thinner part joined, but not less than 1 in.

The defined terms are divided into general terms para. Bearing between parts of the lifter and the item being handled must be evaluated by a qualified person taking into account the nature of the item and its practical sensitivity to nth-1-2014 compressive stress. Because of its slight movement, it is not termed a running sheave para.

Testing to determine the slip resistance is required for slip-resistant connections in which the faying surfaces are painted or otherwise coated Yura and Frank, This is usually, but not necessarily, the maximum stress range considered. Some of the equations presented are empirical and may not be directly applicable to use with other materials.

If larger holes are necessary, the capacity of the connection shall be reduced accordingly. Motors used to operate hydraulic and vacuum equipment shall be continuous duty.


The strength of a weld is governed by either the base material or the deposited weld material as follows: The provisions defined in this Standard address the most common and broadly applicable aspects of the design of below-the-hook lifting devices. Five Service Classes based on load cycles are provided. A noncompact section is capable of developing the yield stress in its compression elements before local buckling occurs, but cannot resist inelastic local buckling at the strain levels required for a fully plastic stress distribution.

These design considerations must be evaluated and accounted gth-1-2014 by the lifting device manufacturer or qualified person. Such methods effectively compute average stresses acting on a structural or mechanical element.

ASME-BTH – Free Download PDF

In the absence of byh-1-2014 research results using other types and grades of bolts, para. If manual application is used, the qualified person needs to provide accessibility to the gears for maintenance. Paragraphs in this Appendix correspond with paragraphs in Chapter 3. The correct equation is shown below. This chapter sets forth design criteria for prismatic structural members and connections of a below-thehook lifting device. This specification does not address pinned connections.

Malleable cast iron clips shall not be used.