SAO Timeline. Birth of Asuna Yuuki and Rika Shinozaki (, IRL – From the author). Birth of Kazuto Kirigaya (, IRL). Sword Art Online: Progressive (ソードアート・オンライン プログレッシブ) is a spin-off series of Sword Art Online written by Reki Kawahara and. Then in Japan, no, the entire world, the group of people who held the longest Dive time was without a doubt, the «Survivors» from «SAO.

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Wouldn’t I forcibly keep my feelings in check, putting on a composed appearance in order to retain the image that I had built up tsiki assumed time after time in this world?

But at the same time I understood their point of view as well. De, danchou-dono wa, nanika hirameita koto wa aru I? Now that nearly everything is translated I wanted to ask, how far along is the novel in Japan?

Or did the author make a slight miss? I must have imagined those three faces that showed the same “Eeeh” emotion on Scarecrow, Tin and Lion, accompanying my yell. All the remaining special gauge was used not on the attack but to get the driving force for a single moment.

I would hence like to propose that we replace the current and if I may bbaka, extremely limited capability carrying nav table system:. But since I can’t I must use such methods.

It seems that tsuko the guild, Knights of the Blood, said to be truly the strongest with their ironclad rules, were up to pretty humorous antics at the start.

I just read light novels after I learned the basic hiragana and katakana and try to smoke through with my kanji until I get a denshi jisho to check through. If you want to do it on the net, the answer lies in Foxreplace.

Sword Art Online ~Brazilian Portuguese~ – Baka-Tsuki

That in this world—and definitely in the real world as well, and just maybe in the non-fulldive MMO games I played before SAO as well, what determined whether the people before my eyes really are themselves, was my own self.


That concerns me and I would rather say “this looks dangerous” instead of standing by and waiting for things to play out. This is the kind of stuff Vikings like to hear, I guess. It was just like the world after civilization had collapsed. I’m very intersting in those you mentioned as I have never run into them before, could you check if there’re actual text inside?

And in addition to the innate aptitude, the experience could be improved during a long Dive.

Sword Art Online:Versus

At the same time, to me there is no disadvantage that this navbar brings since my internet and computer are fast enough to load both at around the same speed, so I am not against it either But, without a weapon——!?

But really thanks a lot for all of your work! I’ve never noticed a split story sharing Chapter tsumi before, that’s why I’m asking. Ysuki will upload it to Baka-Tsuki when he is done editing it and is happy with it, not before then.

Sword Art Online:ME4 – Baka-Tsuki

That converted into a mist dyed a venomous-looking purple, enveloping all of us. I’m just not sure,as it sounds sarcastically convincing. And thanks, I appreciate all the work you put into translating it. Mercy I beg of you. But it was just enough to spend on the next decisive attack. I’m wondering at what level did you start to read light novels not translate themassuming Japanese isn’t your primary language.

In the real world, Asuna and I have not even seen each other’s faces, and in the first place, I’m not even at an age that can legally marry. Removing R content like this just creates needless problems involving content that BT shouldn’t have to deal with.

Then he sak a new world tree and a new Earth, and the whole lot happens aso. For example, his friend Cyan Pile had a fairly bright blue color which slightly tilted in the purple direction. I found a narrow, small path on the bank of the clear, blue lake, one that wouldn’t be noticed unless close by.


However, I figured I might be able to find the answer to that final doubt if I’m together with Asuna. Like, why do either of you visit this site?

Sword Art Online:Volume 2 Illustrations

Although it was very comfortable, isn’t it a waste of effort? Asuna softly went on about how she knew it would turn out like this and how it would just change the whole point of us coming, before taking in a deep breath of air and announcing thus.

There are plenty of other inconsistencies throughout tsuku side-stories, too. As I stepped closer to verify it, the sole of my boots stepped on some rubble causing a sound.

As the purity of the color goes higher, the characteristic purity also increases. Because someone will need to go around changing it in all of the novels, or a group of people.

With a dash that would exceed even Asuna’s, she went under the witch and burst straight in with skills of the Wild Dance type, using the metal claws on her two hands.

Considering how Battle Tournaments are normally be named, Bullet of Bullets makes less sense than Ballet of Bullets which actually fits more as far as tournament names go. But it wouldn’t work tauki without the house here, so Is it Uoro or Ouro?

Although her words became obscure, Asuna maintained her smile, while on the other hand I couldn’t find any words to reply her.

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