fastest supercharged C7s, C7 Z06s, C6s and IRS C5 all run ProChargers. around the world specializing in installing and fine-tuning the supercharger system. C7 Forced Induction/Nitrous – Looking for C7 Procharger install – Hello again, I’ve got a c7 z51 that I’m looking to put a Procharger on. release of the + C7 Corvette ProCharger Supercharger System. So here we go the easiest Corvette supercharger system install we have ever offered.

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I trailered it down there from MD.

While we were initially worried about drivability prior to the install, we were happy to see that the vehicle can still be driven prcharger like it was in stock form with excellent road manners.

You would not know it had a mod until you floored it. If you are an all out drag racing guy, our vertical kit is hands out the best kit out there. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. This comes in the form of a simple-to-use hand held programmer. With our baseline established, we moved forward with our build. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request.

Green Brook Auto Repair

We were able to log a Included with the blower unit itself was a radically upgraded air to air intercooler, trick intake manifold, and all the necessary hoses and hardware to plumb the air from the supercharger to installatjon intake manifold. Starting from GM engine CAD models, ProCharger created a one-piece billet design utilizing existing, robust mounting points on the LT-1 motor for maximum holding force. With weather hovering around the mid 80s and the tires set to 27 psi, we were able to log a What direction do you turn if you want to maximize your power gains for indtallation investment?


Installing the ProCharger Supercharger Kit.

I will have to look into that RMCR place. A simple press of the push button start fired the motor right up and it idled with ease. Using a patented crank pulley design, we are able to secure a 8. For some, the base car is more than they will ever need, for others the impressive starting platform is just that, installagion platform to take the car to even greater heights.

With more boost and additional tuning, there is even more potential in this power packed system. After bolting on the Stage 2 intake kit and taking another round on the dyno, the C7 was able to produce As for timing, the timing is about the same as a similarly boosted LS3. procuarger

C7 Technology | ProCharger

But on your statement here just because they install and race don’t mean they also do the tuning also. Not only does the kit offer strong power gains, but it does so using only 7 psi of boost and high quality pump gas 91 octane or greater. Mike, the owner, is on top of his game, and Mark who did my tune certainly knows his stuff. I wouldn’t go with someone who had never done one.

One of the options available for the ProCharger kit is the choice of two different intake options— either stock or Stage 2. In addition, we prepared the front bumper for removal by removing all fascia profharger screws and the various splash guards located in and around the front bumper. But in my estimation, “more time” does not always necessarily equate to “more quality. Last edited by installarion at Due to timing, we had to run the comparison on a separate day than the original dyno runs, which unfortunately was hotter.

  AS9101 REV D PDF

With the best belt wrap possible, ProCharger’s tensioner is unique in design in that its not only spring loaded, but also allows the customer to add as much pre-load adjustment as they want into the belt. We think you might like American Muscle Takes a Trip to the Gym.

Once the intercooler was secured to the mounting brackets, the intercooler surge tube was reinstalled along with the ambient air temperature sensor. With the ProCharger system fully installed, it was time to test the results of all the hard work. Send a private message to DP RS.

That looks like something that can cool hp right of air, right? I’m happy with my service there.

C7 Technology

Visit Quik Z06’s homepage! Thanked Times in Posts. With the ProCharger installed, we turned our focus to tuning the system. With a two week gap between the stock baseline run and the ProCharger equipped run, the two weeks felt like an eternity as we were more eager than ever to test it out. So you have to be careful not to run it too rich or it could get the rich knocks. Dragzine – Drag Racing Magazine Thank you for your subscription.