This is a really great exercise: banacos-exercise. I’ve used this and it really helps. Play the chords. I’m studying with Garry Dial the “Charlie Banacos lessons”. My question relates to using a recent assignment as an additional ear training exercise. describe the remarkable teacher and individual that Charlie Banacos was. We started out with exercises on “Autumn Leaves” that took me.

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Thanks Joe some invaluable insights here. Hi Joe, I have been doing quite well with the ear training. Danielle on November 25, at cjarlie Joe Hubbard on October 30, at Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi Brian Things to remeber with this method are: I found this wonderful blog post with a doctorate dissertation written by a former student. A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out. In order for ear training skills to work in a real time context you have to learn the sound of the notes- there must be an instantaneous connection.

I am consistently in the 90th percentile.

I assume this is the notes going into short term memory, as Joe describes. Could you explain the process? I used to quiz a friend who studied with CB in boston, and the lessons were nothing like that dissertation link.

Charlie Banacos – Wikipedia

This is relative pitch, not perfect pitch. I only did it for about 6 months so it probably got a lot more intense for the guys who’d been with him for years. What do you think? The next step is learning to hear two notes- both melodically and harmonically.


Great lesson, I already sag it and try it.

I took from him for a while. Note-relation to the key center is actually the distance between to notes — KEY note and for example b2 note.

Yes, there will be steps back when i finally pull the stopper on the octave limit. Jennifer Clark on March 20, at Then we’d take turns comping and soloing. I soon discovered that his students spoke of him in almost reverential tones, and that he had a two-year waiting list to study with him.

Ear Training- Developing Relative Pitch

To take on all chromatic notes in all octaves could result in someone feeling overwhelmed and then giving up. Within time, you will be able to hear these notes accurately in relation to a key center.

Dec 24, 2. Hal Leonard Corporation, I did a gig with gary dial once, and his reharmonizations of standards blew my mind.

Charlie Banacos

I stuck to this routine for one week. Thanks Joe for a clear no nonsense method. Thanks for turning me on to the benefits! Many approaches and mixed opinions exist: He organizes the order of the intervals slightly differently but I think the idea is still very relevant.

jazztruth: Linear Spectrum

So do I listen to establish tonic, start over, and then all the notes suddenly pop out with their function? NeerJan 8, Good luck and practice hard! Thanks and take care, Daren Reply.

In other words you have to be able to hear it in order to play it. Bill Logan on March 19, at The process to learning all of the babacos chromatic pitches in a key is achieved through repetition. Vic Juris, whom I got this method from initially, recommended playing the “strange” notes in a higher register than the consonant tones.


Eexercises sure you set the trainer up exactly as I have suggested and do not sing the notes or try to resolve the notes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Stefan S on May 11, at Charlie treated all his students as individuals, so after listening to me play, he gave me what he thought would help me the most.

Hit the start button and follow this procedure:. Faithless on March 15, at Hector on April 20, at Chralie work on that till he said to go on to a new thing which he’d write out and review exerdises make sure you got the idea.

Leave a reply or cancel. You could always hear the lesson before you because he had a waiting room in his studio and students ALWAYS showed up early to hear the students before him Jam with Charlie. Is it pretty automatic once internalized?

Joe Hubbard on March 8, at For instance, over Cmaj7 you can use the following four note chords:

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