Designing The Future has ratings and 12 reviews. Alice Elizabeth said: I agree that we need to change the way we’re living. From both a sustainabilit. Buy Designing the Future: Read 9 Kindle Store Reviews – Jacque Fresco’s futurist book, Designing the Future serves is a manifesto for redesigning civilization itself.

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Technology is racing forward but our societies are still based on concepts and methods devised ufture ago. Andrew rated it liked it Jun 23, But if we examine this more closely and look at the statistics, we find that a few people control most of the earth’s resources. A militant viewpoint is obsolete once we view the world as a whole interrelated system with all its people as one family.


Budur rated it it was amazing Nov 21, During the transition from a monetary society to a resource-based society, teams of systems engineers, computer programmers, systems analysts, researchers, and the like will be needed to help supervise, manage, and analyze the flow of goods and services.

If a group of people were stranded on an island with money, gold, and diamonds, but the island had no arable land, fish or clean water, their wealth would be irrelevant to their survival. We’re presented with beautiful picture of possible future world, but there’s no actual instruction for transition to this state, which I anticipated the most.

They will also need sensitivity to the injustices, lost opportunities for happiness, and deadly conflicts that characterize our twenty-first century civilization.

We are destroying non- renewable resources like topsoil and the ozone layer instead of using these resources intelligently.

The key to achieving abundance and dresco high standard of living for every person on the planet is to automate as much as possible in the shortest period of time. As a secondary safety measure, the jjacque interior will contain a protective membrane. According to many polls, a majority of scientists think that the human race is on a “collision course” with nature, that all of Earth’s ecosystems are suffering, and that the ability of the planet to sustain life is in serious jeopardy.

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You can not assert: More new knowledge has been created from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present than in the previous billion years. The persons who are not as yet awake to the great conspiracy for the destruction of Christian Civilization should study it carefully and realize the great danger impending. We refer to them as the un-appointed guardians of the system. Would you declare universal laws and treaties? This is now both necessary and possible because of technological change.

The furnishings may consist of totally different configurations that automatically adjust to our body contours. We will consider just a few here and let you add to this list on your own. In our resource-based economy, there are comprehensive studies of the environmental and human impact before starting any large projects. Some pictures of advanced aircraft and Mag-Lev trains presented in this book are in fact those frescl were developed at top secret military research facilities, such as “Area 51”.

They are manufactured from durable composite materials, their outermost skin consisting of a thin fuutre of titanium, which requires minimal maintenance. As does the standard of living. But, nevertheless, the question arises: Machines of frresco future are capable of self-replication and improvement, and can repair themselves and update their own circuitry.

The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Designing a building with many artificial projections does not fressco originality, creativity, or individuality. What is needed is a change in our sense of direction and purpose — an alternative vision for a sustainable new world civilization unlike any in the past. It has futrue trim the fat and leave only most important things which would fit on one or two pages.

How do you submit the biggest and baddest bankers who have the world in their pockets unless they achieve even more deadly grip on the world? Change occurs in all social systems, and is the only constant. Computers will eventually be able to design their own programs, improve and repair their own circuitry, and update information about social needs. Tsvetoslav Shalev rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Most of the smaller transportation units for people can be operated by voice control. A change from a system as entrenched in our culture as money will most likely require a collapse of the current system.


It is just the rules of the game that we play by that are obsolete and cause so much suffering. In a Resource-Based Economy, it is established there is no money, no credits, no debt, and no servitude.

Fresco and learning of his supposed inventions and breakthroughs. Without oil and natural gas companies controlling a monetary economy, geothermal power would become the most economical and efficient way to heat and cool buildings. It turns out there exists an additional source of energy as a result of ether wind in subatomic particle movement. In those days there was little understanding of science and how things worked, and explanations were not scientific.

Designing The Future

For example, the characteristics of the population in a given area determine how many hospitals jacqie schools are built and the equipment needed.

God, or rather Creator, is not just some figurehead sitting in some heaven “up there” in the sky.

The models of “Cities of the Future” presented here as well as “Total Enclosure Cities” are simply inhuman. Unfortunately she did not provide for the needs of the poachers.

The whole conceptual framework culminates in what Zbignev Brzezinski calls the “Technocracy”, which is exactly the same thing as this entire Zeitgeist framework is.