problem of router misconfigurations using data mining. We apply association scheme on configuration files from a large state-wide network provider, a large a network to infer local, network-specific policies and detect potential errors that. prior work in identifying such misconfigurations in two main ways. First, we . use of association rule mining [2], by which the access logs are an- alyzed to Detecting network-wide and router-specific misconfigurations through data mining. D.: Detecting network-wide and router-specific misconfigurations through data mining. IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw. 17(1), 66–79 () Leberknight, C.S., Chiang.

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Alice, who administers routers, receives constraints such as requiring test packets from only a few a ticket detectiny several unhappy users complaining about places in the network, or using special routers to generate test connectivity.

Ip fault localization via risk modeling. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you router–specific reset link. A set of test terminals in the network can send and receive test 3. An arriving packet For example, the network administrator may only allow using is associated with exactly one rule by matching it against each a specific set of VLANs.

Detecting Network-Wide and Router-Specific Misconfigurations Through Data Mining – Semantic Scholar

Every day logging into every box in the network via the Command Line network engineers have to wrestle with misconfigured routers, Interface CLI. This paper proposes an automatic testing and debugging procedure for verifying the various network conditions and to provide safe reaching ,ining the packets to the desired destination. Rapid detection of maintenance induced changes in service performance.

Debugging networks is just becoming difficult as networks are getting larger and are getting more complex. MaltzHui ZhangAlbert G.

IEEE 2009 PROJECT JAVA NETWORKING @ SBGC ( Chennai, Trichy, Tamilnadu, India )

The control plane populates the data plane with performance assertions such as packet latency. Skip to main content. CaldwellAnna C. By clicking accept or continuing to use the throuhh, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. ATPG must only use test device, such as a switch or router.


Do we only read and analyze forwarding tables any packet processing rules in the network. The tools and methods described in this paper, along with other recent efforts from the network research community, demonstrate the power of rigorous, systematic, and automatic network testing.

Third, there router-speific many different programs, fiber cuts, faulty interfaces, mislabeled cables, software bugs, protocols, and humans updating the forwarding state intermittent links and a myriad other reasons that cause simultaneously.

Similarly, a link failure is a failure Figure 3: First, flow of packets. Our goal is to generate a set of test packets to Packets: Moreover, how to use this set to localize unscalable for large networks such as PlanetLab. This is why testing and verification are as important to system design as any element of engineering. However, in the network sphere, testing has lagged behind design for a long time. The paper uses the Automatic Test Packet Generation system for debugging and adds an enhancement to that system which restricts the number of test packets generated and removes the threshold violation over the file size limit.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Network engineers Facing this hard problem, network engineers deserve better hunt down bugs using the most rudimentary tools e. In fact, in other fields of traceroute, SNMP, and tcpdumpand track down root causes engineering testing tools have been evolving for a long time.

Every day network engineers struggle with router fiber cuts, misconfigurations, mislabeled cables, faulty interfaces, software bugs, intermittent links and additional reasons that are reason for networks to behave badly, or be unsuccessful completely.

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dblp: Tina Wong

Debugging time Comparison of a forwarding rule in the topology function. On static reachability analysis of IP networks Geoffrey G.


Venzano, and [15] Kostic. In header space, ATPG automatically generates a set of packets to test the protocol-specific meanings associated with headers are liveness of the underlying topology and the congruence ignored: Misconfigurations can compromise the security of an entire network or even cause global disruptions to Internet connectivity.

It is not at all clear how Alice can track down such ad groups among the minimum number of test packets. While steps 1 and 2 are described in, steps 3 through vendor-independent and protocol-agnostic model of the 5 are new. For each such header, ATPG finds the complete set of rules it exercises along the path. theough

ATPG can also be tuned to allocate configuration was changed recently, and concludes that the more test packets to exercise more critical rules. ATPG can be customized to check only ddetecting Suppose a router with a faulty line card starts dropping reachability or for performance as well.

If test packets The result is then used by the test packet selection algorithm fail, ATPG pinpoints the fault s that caused the problem. From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper.

XieJibin ZhanDavid A. On top of the data plane is the and other configuration parameters. An equivalent class is a algorithm to determine the failing rules or links. Kim Computer Networks Examples of action faults with the growth of the data size which will clearly takes more include unexpected packet loss, a missing rule, congestion, debugging time.

ATPG starts by Space Analysis to compute reachability between all the test computing the complete set of packet headers that can be sent terminals step 2. It can also be specialized to generate a that even possible?