Elsewhere by William Peter Blatty – book cover, description, publication history. Elsewhere [William Peter Blatty, Alex McVey, Bruce Haley] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An incredible haunted house novel from. The same can also be said for reading a haunted house story and William Peter Blatty’s “Elsewhere” is no exception. Even so, despite the.

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The exception is, exactly what took place with the dogs and the origin and purpose of the young priest. That old gotcha feeling that honestly still gives me a kick. Ultimately, Elsewhere forces them to accept the individual realities that they have created for themselves.

One of the priests notices a painting on the wall of the house that looks a lot like his partner. I personaggi e i dialoghi sono molto divertenti, soprattutto il rapporto fra la protagonista Joan e il suo amico scrittore. Mar 11, Natasha M. None of it is really anything you haven’t seen before and some aspects are extremely familiar, such as the ultimate resemblance to the film view spoiler [ The Othersstarring Nicole Kidman hide spoiler ].

John Goldfarb, Please Come Home.

When she asks why he lied about the whole thing he tells her “ghost lie”. Oct 10, Paul rated it liked it.

Your purchase benefits world literacy! Joan Freeboard – a Realtor assigned to sell Elsewhere, it is her that gathers the group together. Terrence sees a dog even though there are no dogs at Elsewhere, and a spirit spells out words for them on a Ouija board. View all 4 comments. Terrence Dare – A writer, and one of Joan’s best friends, he was brought along to write an article about the haunting of Elsewhere. This short novel from legendary author William Peter Bl Originally released inCDP releases this small but ‘purdy hardcover, complete with spooky interior illustrations by Alex McVey.


Published June 1st by Cemetery Dance Publications first published A very quick read. At first, this felt derivative of especially The Others, but this was written before the movie was.

I personally didn’t find it scary or suspenseful and the only thing that gave me pause was the entirely unanticipated addition of illustrations. Finally she hits upon an idea: Not chipped or crinkled. Naturally or maybe unnaturally!

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The story itself was intriguing. Elsewhere is a must-have for all fans of dark fiction and sure to become a time-honored classic in the genre. It is evident that something is going on between the two because, after an argument between Terrence and Joan, Gabriel Case tells the servant, “See she forgives him. Paranormal elsewhree do strike up and there is full disclosure of them at the end. Perhaps nowadays such a novel is no longer able to convey that elsewhers of fear that one would expect, or maybe we are now accustomed to more.

Gabriel then explains that the three died on their way to Elsewhere and that in refusing to go on they haunted the place, living in an endless cycle. I must say that the elsewere half is a bit boring, although Blatty’s style is fluent and pleasant to read. Elsewhere was perhaps not up to the caliber of The Exorcist, when it comes to the ‘fainting in my seat, rushing back into my Church’ level of horror, but Elsewhere was still very good elseshere I give it an A! Moody more than outright frightening, it’s quite different from the book for which Blatty is most well-known The Exorcist.


There really are some very lovely things about this w Predictable?

Fantasy Book Critic: “Elsewhere” by William Peter Blatty (Reviewed by Robert Thompson)

In my opinion, elssewhere author builds the tension very admirably throughout the book, so it was a quick and easy read for me, filled with many satisfactory instances of thrills and chills. May 23, Christina Harlin rated it liked it. I thought it might be more frightening than the norm and I bet it would be on film, with a disturbing dlsewhere and camera angles.

Blatty gets two stars for the sheer force of his characters. First Edition, but Second Trade Edition with corresponding number line.

The cover of this book is what drew me to it and I figured if he has been successful in the past, he wouldn’t put out another book so many years later unless it was pretty good. When I saw this novel, I bought it without hesitation, as well as for the author, even for the plot, quite intriguing. Apr 08, Fabian rated it liked it.