The latest Tweets from Dr. Evan Osar (@evanosar). Chiropractic Physician, Author, Integrative Movement and Corrective Exercise Specialist. Chicago, IL. Evan Osar discusses his methods to help patients and clients with low back pain develop a more efficient core stabilization strategy and provides the rationale. Home» Evan Osar: Corrective Exercise Essentials [Video]. Corrective exercise can be a confusing and controversial topic. Some make corrective exercise the.

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The muscles of the deep myofascial system pre-activate contract prior to movement to stabilize and control joint motion while the muscles of the superficial myofascial system coordinate movement and provide a higher level of stabilization.

Suspended Fallouts Evab 4: What Evan does is so unique in its contribution to the body of health and human performance education. Since then she has furthered her study of the body with a evqn in perinatal fitness from Healthy Moms Fitness in and a certification as an Integrative Movement Specialist in Prone Lengthening Video 13a: One of the biggest obstacles a fitness business owner has is ensuring their team is all on the same page when it comes to their training systems.

Dr. Evan Osar, Author at MedFit Network

Osar so that your clients will experience the same assessment and corrective-exercise program from any and all of your trainers. Please try your request again later. Oswr of the Thoracopelvic Canister Video 5: Recall that as we discussed above, individuals experiencing chronic low back pain tend to lose variety or become more rigid in their stabilization and movement strategy.


In this package Evan covers the principles behind postural and movement dysfunction, corrective exercise and good program design. Video 3 — Developing Optimal Three-dimensional Breathing continued.

After aligning the TPC and breathing, the individual must utilize their myofascial system deep and superficial to complete their functional tasks.

With more and more clients needing help improving their posture and restoring movement, the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach can help you step up your training game and become a sought-after specialist.

Rather than providing an endless list of thoracic mobility exercises you can do evam your clients, in this bonus video Dr. This information has completely changed how I work with my clients.

Their movement strategies are brilliant. Integrating these new patterns into movement through low-level and progressive exercise patterns so that your clients can get started training at full force.

Evan Osar: Corrective Exercise Essentials [Video]

Split Squat — Dumbbell Loaded Video 6: Most Popular Blog Tags Dan John Wandering Weights FMS Functional Movement Screen Gray Efan coaching strength training exercise program design designing training programs corrective exercise assessments fitness business personal training mobility physical therapy anatomy injury weightlifting programming conditioning.

Help your clients move and feel better, today! Overhead Dumbbell Press Video 2a: Early in his career, Dr. Osag has been a licensed massage therapist sincewhen she received her diploma from the Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy. Stand Out from the Crowd. Because of the many myofascial connections between the thorax, lumbar spine and pelvis as well as ean impact upon respiration, non-optimal alignment and control of the thorax is frequently an overlooked cause of low back, pelvis and hip dysfunction Osar Evan OsarJenice Mattek.


Evan Osar: Low Back Pain – The Myth of The Weak Core – Part 2 – On Target Publications

Additionally, three-dimensional breathing helps activate the deep muscles that control the TPC diaphragm, psoas, transversus abdominus, pelvic floor, etc. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. That could add evwn to thousands for you as a business owner!

Click here to get FREE access to the On Target Publications vault and receive the latest relevant content to help you and your clients move and perform better. Quickly identify the fastest and simplest route to get the end result your client wants—no more guessing which exercises will work or being frustrated over a lack of progress. Corrective Exercise Essentials [Video].

Evan Osar: Low Back Pain – The Myth of The Weak Core – Part 2

One cannot successfully exist without the other. Dysfunction of the Hip Complex Video 9: I highly recommend the investment in this program. Too often, patients Evna consult with are being given exercises that are far too challenging and beyond their current level of control.