Gerald Finzi. Bagatelles (5) for clarinet & piano, Op. Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Parts/Movements ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook. : Five Bagatelles, Op. Clarinet in B-flat and Piano with online audio of performance and (): Gerald Finzi: Books. A staple of standard clarinet literature, this suite appears on various state high school contest solo repertory lists. Contents: I. Prelude · II. Romance · III. Carol · IV.

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Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Jazz Latin New Age. Finzi’s younger son Nigel was a successful violinist, and worked closely with their mother in promoting his father’s music. During these formative years he also suffered the loss of all three of his brothers.

Gerald Finzi

Something of his feelings after this revelation is probably reflected in the agonized first movement of his Cello ConcertoFinzi’s last major work, although its second movement, originally intended as a musical portrait of his wife, is more serene.

Finzi’s father, a successful shipbrokerdied just a fortnight short of his son’s eighth birthday.

The Reed Of Pan: He also worked on behalf of the poet-composer Ivor Gurneywho had been committed to a mental hospital. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. There would be no reason to alternate the count, as the double time signature seems to indicate; I believe that the meter is given in two interpretations.

I am completely musically illiterate.

Bagatelles (5) for clarinet &… | Details | AllMusic

There is a constant flow of eighth notes through nearly the entire A section of the movement. Streams Videos All Posts. Finzi was attracted to the deep-hued sound of the clarinet and demonstrated in the Bagatelles a highly effective exploitation of the instrument, its range and colour. Marked with long phrases as is typical fijzi Finzithe timbres of the different clarinet registers are highlighted here by the repeat of the first long phrase one octave lower.

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Infollowing an excursion near Gloucester with Vaughan WilliamsFinzi developed shinglesprobably tinzi a result of immune suppression caused by Hodgkin’s disease. He died soon afterwards, aged 55, in the Radcliffe InfirmaryOxford, the first performance of his Cello Concerto on the radio having been given the night before.

5 Bagatelles, Op.23 (Finzi, Gerald)

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Clarinet Concerto; 5 Bagatelles; Charles Stanford: Boydell Press,p. A well presented and clearly formatted edition of Gerald Finzi’s Five Bagatelles for clarinet. He also amassed a large library of some volumes of English poetry, philosophy and literature, now kept at the University of Reading and a collection some volumes including books, manuscripts and printed scores of 18th-century English music, now kept at the University of St Andrews.

Home Composers Catalogue Detail. I find that his music is never boring and that every phrase is a new adventure of sorts. A very interesting point is that the piano is in E Major for the first half of the movement, whilst the clarinet is in concert Db Major Ebthough accidentals in the clarinet solo make up for the difference in key.

The Expressive Voice of the Flute. His first Hardy settings and the orchestral piece A Severn Rhapsody were soon performed in London to favourable reviews. English Music for Clarinet. Initially in the key of Db major concert Eb but with a modal tonality, there is a shift to concert F major G in the B section, where the major tonality brings a cheerful new idea.

Preparing for an Audition. The last piece, Fughetta, well what can i say!! Your passion and knowledge combined will be an asset to those seeking your niche. This was never finished or given fiinzi title, but after his death his publisher gave two of the individual movements names and published them as the separate works Eclogue fknzi Grand Fantasia and Toccata. Retrieved from ” https: Had the tempo been a bit slower, Finzi might have held to his original title baagtelles this piece, Berceuse.


Plenty bagahelles accidentals, dynamics, and varied articulations will keep you on your toes. Finzi never felt at home in the city and, having married the artist Joyce Blacksettled with her in AldbourneWiltshirewhere he devoted himself to composing and apple-growing, saving a number of rare English apple varieties from extinction.

The first piece, the Prelude, has an exciting edge to it, the way the piano starts playing in a lively way to start off the suite, and then the clarinet enters, and at the end it finishes bagatelless a fantastic trill and hits a “D” up of middle “C”, it sounds fantastic. Interlude View record and artist details Record and Artist Details. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

Music Spotlight: “Five Bagatelles” by Gerald Finzi – Clarinet Music Shopper

With his primary output being vocal and choral music, it seems to make sense that he wrote for the clarinet since the clarinet is the closest instrument to the human finsi Much slower than the first movement half the tempo, in factthis Andante tranquillo in ABA form seems to depict a lover dreamily contemplating the complex emotions that are often felt when one falls in love.

Gerald Raphael Finzi Composer. The set consists of three slow movements, quite distinct from one another, framed by fast opening and closing movements. The fourth piece Forlana is a very peaceful serene piece, lke the second piece Romance, it is very romantic and very peaceful.

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