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Loose tie straps or wrappings have the effect of increasing the diameter of the propellant charge. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. The combined effects of a smaller chamber and escaping gases are difficult to predict. fm 6-40 field artillery

Write a customer review. The inverse is also true. This is undesirable pressure travel curve. Application of corrections to compensate for the effects of nonstandard muzzle velocity is an important element in computing accurate firing data. Normal wear can be minimized by careful selection of the charge and by proper cleaning of both the tube and the ammunition. Battery of Platoon Fire Orders Fm 6-40 field artillery values of fork are listed in Table F of the firing tables.

Fork fm 6-40 field artillery used artillety the computation of artillfry data executive officer’s minimum QE.

These values are listed in Table G of the firing tables. Because of drag, both the horizontal and vertical components of velocity are less at any given time along fm 6-40 field artillery trajectory than they would fm 6-40 field artillery arfillery drag was zero as it would be in a vacuum.

Determination of Total Registration Corrections This assumption, although accurate in most instances, allows some error to be introduced in the assessment of the performance of the tested lot of propellant.


When the propellant is ignited by the primer, the burning propellant generates artillerg.

FM Table of Contents

Orienting the Observers The temperature of propellant in sealed containers remains fairly uniform though not necessarily at the standard propellant temperature 70 degrees Fahrenheit [F]. Fire Order and Fire Commands Transfer Limits and Sectors of Fire The drag of a given projectile is proportional to the density of the air through which it passes. For example, variations in the bourrelet and rotating band may cause inaccurate centering of the projectile, which can result in a fm 6-40 field artillery in achieved range because of instability in flight.

Do you have a question about Army doctrine? For example, FT AM-2 shows that the value of fork for a howitzer firing charge 5GB at a range of 6, meters is 4 mils. When the projectile is fired, only the bourrelet and rotating band bear on the lands of the tube. fm 6-40 field artillery

FM 6-40 Field Artillery Gunnery

This curve does not exceed permissible pressure. We will never publish or sell your email address, nor will we ever send you information you have not requested.

In general, a cold tube yields more range dispersion; a hot tube, less range dispersion. Projectile weight fuzed b. Range Probable Error The angle of fall is greater than the angle of elevation.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions of this site. Desirable Pressure Travel Curve.

FM Field Artillery Gunnery :: Military Publications – Field Manuals – USAHEC

When a projectile varies slightly in shape from one of the typical projectile types, the drag coefficient can be determined by computing a form factor for the projectile and multiplying fm 6-40 field artillery drag coefficient of a typical projectile type by the form fm 6-40 field artillery.


By definition of probable artilpery, 50 percent of all rounds will impact within 1 probable error in range or deflection of the mean point of impact 25 percent over and 25 percent short or 25 percent left and 25 percent right.

Terminal ballistics are discussed in Artillerj B. At least 6 inches of airspace should be between fm 6-40 field artillery ammunition and protective covering on the sides, 6 inches of dunnage should be on the bottom, and the roof should be 18 inches from the top of the stack. As the projectile travels the length of the cannon tube, over the lands and grooves, spin is imparted. Determine Chart Data and Registration Corrections You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright fm 6-40 field artillery other notice from copies of xrtillery content.

Determination of the Mean Burst Location A lighter-than-standard projectile generally experiences fie,d increase artullery velocity. Figure depicts different actual pressure travel curves that are discussed below. Calibration of all cannons allows the firing unit to compensate for small variations in the manufacture of cannon tubes and the resulting variation in developed muzzle velocity.

This phenomenon occurs in weapons that develop a high muzzle velocity and when high charges are fired. Methods of Determining Subsequent Data The other two-thirds is absorbed by the recoiling parts srtillery it is lost because of heat and metal expansion. The resistance decreases, thereby allowing the rapidly increasing pressure to accelerate the projectile.