Zoe Marriott lives in Grimsby, Lincolnshire with two cats, named Echo and Hero, and the Devil Hound, otherwise known as Finn. FrostFire is her fourth novel. A literary and compelling story about war, revenge and first love from a talented fantasy een-year-old Frost has left her homeland to travel to the. FrostFire (Daughter of the Flames, book 2) by Zoë Marriott – book cover, description, publication history.

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For example, did you know that she originally planned for the main character to be a hero, froatfire a heroine, and that the two love interests would therefore be female instead of male?

FrostFire (Daughter of the Flames, book 2) by Zoë Marriott

The quality of the writing really stood out to me in the best possible way. The three main characters jarriott some of the most developed and three dimensional characters I have read about in a long time.

I believe that it needs no description, it just is. She is really good at using her weapons. More about Zoe Marriott. First marrlott all, in the beginning I think that Frost ran away from Luca and then bumped right back into him maybe one too many times. While I enjoyed the romance between Frost and Luca, I wasn’t as invested in it as I would have liked and found myself wondering about Arian instead.

The Accidental Writer

After all, this is neither Twilight nor TVD and a comparison to either would only insult Marriott’s beautiful storytelling. Matriott to Read Currently Reading Read. Some changed several times. Notify me of new comments via email. So wartet der Leser auf die Einzelheiten von Frosts Leben vor dem Zusammentreffen mit der Armee in den Bergen — was hat sie zu dem Menschen gemacht, der sie dort ist, woher matriott ihre Unsicherheit und ihr Fluchtinstinkt?


FrostFire deals with all the issues that I never had a chance to explore in DotF. As a reader I was completely wrong-footed as I did not see it coming. And this morning, FrostFire arrived!

It all sounds quite familiar BUT. I have been placated since by the author via Twitter over her choices, so I am now in recovery from the events that occurred! Jul 19, Emma rated it it was amazing. For those who haven’t, just go read it already! The same could be said for the sub-plot where the girl is torn between the good brother and the bad brother, reminiscent of The Frostfore Diaries. Her battle with the wolf ins Review by Madison Frost, a girl who is possessed by the wolf believes she is dangerous and a murderer destined to live apart from everyone else.

Sicherlich sind sie vorhanden.

Davon gibt es doch schon viel zu viele! The book is full of kick-ass heroines not just Frost and heroes and packed with action. However, you don’t need to read the books in any particular order.

Frost will do anything to stop this slavery and when kind-hearted, optimistic Luca gives her the chance to become one of those who will bring down Constantin, she seizes the chance.

Within this book you form a connection with the characters so deep that the emotions it illicits will make you laugh and cry with the character and love and hurt with the character!

I like that her uncertainty and fear was being portrayed through her speech, but there drostfire have been a better way to do that. Wer sich das Cover anschaut und dann den Klappentext liest, wird sich vielleicht denken: That’s not the case at all, so I’m glad I blind-bought this one.

D I have no idea what to expect because omgomgomg Shadows on the Moon was just so good, I can’t believe any book can top that!

She was still by no means perfect, but was no longer scared of herself, and ended up defeating the demon wolf that had plagued her for her entire life.


Vor einiger Zeit habe ich mich bei Blogg dein Buch angemeldet. Everything changes for Frost when she stumbles across an ambush that she mistakenly intervenes in and meets the two young warriors who will change the course of her life.

Das hat Frost schon in ihrer Kindheit stark zugesetzt. The way Marriott chooses to deal with this is to make you question what makes a person good or bad? Her writing is just so evocative, I find my emotions become entwined with her words and I react alongside the characters to the events that occur in the book.

Walker Books – FrostFire

Marriot battle with the wolf inside her and the raging war around her she could lose them both. Die Geschichte erwies sich als deutlich weniger fokussiert auf die Fantasy-Elemente, als ich angenommen hatte. A great book set back in the land where Daughter of the Flame was set but with amazing new characters. While some characters are mentioned, the two books don’t rely on one another in order to make sense.

Aug 31, Megha rated it it was amazing. During this time Frost and Arian refuse to neglect him, again revealing how potent love can be and that no matter how strong you are you can’t fight everything alone and need someone there if you fall. If you’re a fan of intricate fantasy, you must pick up a novel by her at once.

Regardless, their story is multilayered and I really enjoyed coming back to the world of Ruan. Although this book is a YA book, in my opinion it is simply a good book.