Intestinal obstruction por hernia diaphragmatic posterolateral derecha incarcerada. Obstrucción intestinal por hernia diafragmática posterolateral derecha. Hernia diafragmática paraesternal de Morgagni-Larrey en adulto. Morgagni- Larrey parasternal diaphragmatic hernia in the adult. L. A. Arráez-Aybar1,2, C. C. . Hérnias diafragmáticas traumáticas: Revisão casuística. Traumatic diaphragmatic hernias: Retrospective analysis. JPA Sousa. JP Baptista. L Martins . J Pimentel.

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The use of CT or MRI offers greater precision in the diagnosis, localization and characterization of the hernia, facilitating its management and the choice of herniaas. Traumatic intrapericardial diaphragmatic hernia. A diaphragmatic hernia is a visceral protrusion through diaphragmatic defect. However, if the mediastinum is not displaced, other less common causes for intrathoracic liver should be considered, such as primary right pulmonary hypoplasia e.

Prevalence of incidental Bochdalek’s hernia in a large adult population. In all our cases, the content diafragmatkcas omental fat alone.

The incidental finding of BH in asymptomatic adults appears to be increasing, largely due to the application of new imaging techniques. They also found a 14 per cent possibility of bilaterality.


Traumatic diaphragmatic hernia

The intradiaphragmatic distribution of the phrenic nerve with particular reference to the placement of diaphragmatic incisions and Controlled Segmental Paralysis. Clin Imag ; Carnegie Contr Embryol ; Am Surg ; Surgical Management of Chest Injuries. Computed tomography in traumatic defects of the diaphragm. The scan also showed a sliding hiatal hernia and right BH with fatty content. Diferencial diafragmaticad of fat-containing lesions with abdominal and pelvis CT.

[Morgagni-Larrey anterior diaphragmatic hernias. Review of 13 cases].

Mosby – Year Book In BH, the muscle always shows a break or defect, whereas it is always whole, though thinned, in the other two conditions It is in the embryology of the diaphragm where an explanation may be found for some morphological changes and clinical manifestations, even though a number of uncertainties remain.

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With a prevalence of 0. The developing human Clinically oriented embryology.

Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: Surgical anatomy of the diaphragm and the phrenic nerve. Among the first ones we can mention: Retrospective analysis of 34 cases of TDH, studying anatomical location, place and time of diagnosis, complementary tests aiding diagnosis, herniated organs, associated traumatism, morbidity and mortality.


Overall, minimally invasive techniques predominate. In the present analytical Use of technetiumm albumins colloid to assess competency of hemidiaphragms in children.

Laparoscopic repair of congenital diaphragmatic hernias. Se debe diferenciar de otras masas del mediastino anterior Although a diaphragmatic dysgenesis is widely considered to be the origin of CDH, only 10 per cent of CDH patients were found to have chromosomal anomalies Prospective evaluation of thoracoscopy for diagnosing diaphragmatic injury in thoracoabdominal trauma: There have been no cases of lung hernia henias a diaphragmatic opening J Trauma ; Bochdalek hernia, Morgagni hernia and peritoneopericardial herniae.