21 Jul GENERAL. Type: Amateur HF/VHF transceiver. Frequency range: TX: m + WARC / MHz. RX: MHz. Tuning steps: 1 / Kenwood’s long awaited flagship model is equipped with the latest technology that embodies an entirely new HF standard. The TSS comes equipped with. The TSS’ rear panel incorporates four SO antenna ports plus a receive- only RCA jack. Other sockets include both USB and serial PC connections.

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We know that customers like you rely on the honest, unbiased opinions of fellow hams when making a buying decision of this magnitude. On Kenwood ts-990, she’s just fine too. Contact the site with comments or questions. You only live once and you can’t take it with you. Look, most modern rigs sound pretty good on a quiet band so why do I really like this kenwood ts-990 And the list goes on.

Built-in automatic antenna tuner capable of high-speed operation. The combination of two displays, main and sub band, allows you kenwood ts-990 simultaneously monitor the target signal and the surrounding area with minimal eye movement. The TSS comes equipped with dual receivers for simultaneous reception on different bands, it kenwood ts-990 features narrow-band roofing filters on the main receiver in a full down-conversion configuration.

Tunes stuff it really shouldn’t. That’s a pretty good investment, certainly better than endlessly buying lesser rigs every couple of years kenwood ts-990 moving on. It’s not all robot machines — real people help to create a masterpiece of communications technology that’s rapidly won the hearts of many Amateur operators around the world. Two attractive features of simultaneous reception on different bands are that you can easily check the condition on other bands and still easily handle split-operation.


I could spend pages and pages describing how amazing the receivers and filtering are.

Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. I play with digital kenwood ts-990 and various experimenting. FAQ Does my review have to be positive? The TSS comes equipped with dual receivers for simultaneous reception on different bands, kenwood ts-990 also features narrow-band roofing filters on the main receiver in a full down-conversion configuration.

kenwood ts-990 This is a kenwood ts-990 term investment for us. I can kenwood ts-990 in a moment that the big station 5 KHz up from me has slid down and I’d better be careful. I can tell that I am very happy with it and it’s a fantastic radio to work with I’m not going to tell you that it’s an easy radio is but I still learn something every time and that bored my total kenwlod It is best to search for the correct settings but that make the fun of course there are for every radio have to find things that could be better but that will always remain so, Kenwood ts-990 fear but 1 thing I know for sure you do get value for money I have had a lot of radios over the years but this is still high on my list with a good reception and look just a showpiece in the radio room.

An already legendary Sub-receiver supports dual reception. Fitted with dual TFT displays for an kenwood ts-990 situational awareness.

Only the more esoteric features not found in other radios, will kenwood ts-990 a trip to the manual. But it’s hardly a competition. I can now kenwood ts-990 non-resonant coax fed antennas for bands that I’m not supposed to. Fs-990 customers are our best salesmen and these product reviews will be around for years to come.


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Kenwood TSS W HF 50MHz Base Amateur Transceiver

I have had this now more than three years. Hello fellow amateurs I have the Kenwood ts-990 now about 1 year in my possession. This time of year in AZ is a very good time for long shot DX on m with TSS, you never know for sure but hope ienwood kenwood ts-990 is in my shack for many more years. Apparently there are some outboard band-scopes on the market.

After I have owned it longer,,I will give it another review. Very good radio, no failures and works kenwood ts-990.

TSS | Amateur Radio | Communications | KENWOOD USA

Once you ts990 it on your desk you will find it hard to move especially to get to the back. As kenwood ts-990 guide yes, but do not take the details of the list as gospel.

The 2 VFOs are fun kenwood ts-990 use. Giving you a rare glimpse behind the scenes at Kenwood’s Communications Division factory at Kenwood ts-990, in northern Japan, this video shows our new flagship Amateur Radio transceiver the TSS being built.

The Watts is real.

Give it to me big kenwood ts-990 heavy and I’m happier. And the ability to send audio to any of a multitude of ports kenwood ts-990 on the source is great. But I am not into contests and I am sure that it would shine there.