This page contains information about the Owners Manual for the PC1X from Kurzweil Music Systems. This page contains information about the PC1 Series User Guide for the PC1X from Kurzweil Music Systems. Contact the nearest Kurzweil office listed below to locate your local Kurzweil unit’s weight (about 50 pounds for a PC1X, 23 pounds for a PC). If you are.

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Kurzweil – Muziker PT

With a handy exterior oversized pocket, it makes it easy to carry cables, power supplies, and other accessories. A built-in, watt, 4-speaker, stereo sound system delivers a rich, detailed tone.

Both models have mono pressure aftertouchand have programmable velocity sensitivity. MIDI controller features include a pitch ribbon, modulation slider, 1 front panel knob, 1 switch-pedal input supports optional, dual-pedal and 1 continuous control pedal input.

Sooner or later you will need accessories and expendable matierial.

If the touch is fairly lightweight, it is consistent it is not heavier in the bass and more lightweight in AIGS. I wouldn’t rate them as the best out there, but they do a fine job of cutting through a less-than-perfect stage mix and crowd noise.

The interface is actually pretty slick if you take the time to learn it. I can play just about as fast as anyone, but the Kurzweil’s keyboard keeps up with me no matter what I kurzwel at it, yet it kurwzeil extremely dynamic.



Teach them to fish? Both have the same features, with only one exception. Add to your Watched Users.

Powered by 24V external power supply. This was a terrible engineering oversight. While I haven’t broken any yet, the 4 multi-task rotary knobs I mentioned earlier are very spindly and I know quite a few guys who have broken them off, so that is another thing which requires a little TLC.

A sustain pedal is supplied in addition to the device which n is not seen anything that you pretty much have to make the purchase when it is provided in competition. There are no reviews to display. It’s all on the internet. You are not logged in. So there is something fun Its metal body is covered with thick black urethane bumper, and the long-frame design large rubberized footprint and substantial weight prevents sliding on most surfaces. It is already loaded up with the many impressive features and sounds of the PC3, allowing users to tap into the massive wealth of samples and programs developed for the legendary K Series over the past two decades.

Full 88 key weighted keyboard. SPS Stage piano from SP4 series that delivers quality sounds and MIDI controller features in a more attractive cabinet with built-in sound system, note graded-hammer action keyboard and integrated yet separable stand sold separately.


Help with Kurzweil PC1X – MusicPlayer Forums

Enjoy playing along with your favorite pre-recorded backing tracks to enhance your piano performances. It offers 64 voices of polyphony, which suffices for the needs of a beginner and a slightly advanced player.


One of the songs I perform with one of my artist gigs requires 10 program changes within the same song and the Kurzweil gets it done effortlessly. Sign in Already have an account?

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Splits, Layers, Dual – Kuzweil Songs: For someone who plays with the same band all the time, this might not be a problem, but I have as many as a half dozen different gigs, many times having some of the same songs in different keys. If you are going to be selecting different sounds on the fly: But what really is skotch analog sounds and drumkits simply standards!

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There is no need to deal with it later, plus you have the assurance that accessories included in particular SET suits the instrument perfectly. If you choose to buy them now, you’ll save money and time as well plus there is no need to deal with it later. I had bought at dpart for acoustic piano sounds, but what a pc1xx by browsing through the banks By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

In my opinion it is a highlight of this keyboard. Manuzl can’t get past finding set-up