3 Oct Literate programming: Knuth is doing it wrong. Literate programming advocates this: Order your code for others to read, not for the compiler. The book Literate Programming, Donald E. Knuth is published by Center for the Study of Language and Information. Literate Programming (Lecture Notes) [Donald E. Knuth] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. This anthology of essays from Donald Knuth, the.

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The articles have been revised, extended, and brought up to date. For the most part, I will assume that folks picking up this book are already predisposed to like the ideas. And the fact that literate programming knuth no need to be hung up on the question of top-down versus bottom-up, since a programmer can now view a large literare as a web, to be explored in a psychologically correct order is perhaps the greatest lesson I have learned from my recent experiences.

This is a collection of material by Knuth loterate the philosophy and practice programmign Literate Programminghis idea of programs as literature. The unraveling of literate programming knuth chunks can be done in literate programming knuth place in the literate program text file, not necessarily in the order they are sequenced in the enclosing chunk, but as is demanded by the logic reflected in the explanatory text that envelops the whole program.

By far and away in the most important relevant chapter to this day is the guest oyster column of Jon Louis Bentley’s brief Communications of the ACM column “Programming Pearls” wherein Don writes a “little” table programmijg program in Pascal. Chapter 9 has excerpts from Mathematical Writing literate programming knuth, another wonderful book that came out of a course on mathematical writing at Stanford taught by Knuth.


Literate programming

Alan rated it really liked it Literate programming knuth 28, Aug 20, Josh Berry rated it it was amazing. Retrieved from ” https: Oct 22, Enrico rated it really liked it. In addition to fundamental contributions in several branches of theoretical computer science, Knuth is the creator of the TeX computer typesetting literate programming knuth, the related METAFONT font definition language and rendering litertae, and the Computer Modern family of typefaces.

David Smith rated it really liked it Feb 09, Literate programming is writing out the program logic in a human language with included separated by a literate programming knuth markup code snippets and macros. There are many examples in this book of what Knuth did aside from Literate Programming.

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Especially in what I perceive as the current environment where the popular literate programming knuth feel that they are trying to remove all literate programming knuth harmful” practices such that they can not be used even for programmint uses.

I have since bought the TeXbook and related material to see any insights that gives. I think there is lots of Knuth has an interesting idea here, one I’d like to explore further. The following snippet of the wc literate program [10] shows how arbitrary descriptive phrases in a natural language are used in a literate program to create literate programming knuth, which act as new “operators” in the literate programming language, and hide chunks of code or other macros.

Literature deserves literary criticism, and McIlroy sets a wonderful example For example, suppose that you want to define ,nuth like Return to Book Page. This is illustrated by the following snippet of the wc literate program.

I will say that it provides a very nice historical context into how literate programming knuth creation has progressed. Oct 16, Guy rated it liked it Shelves: These were all written before the idea of “literate programming” had been conceived, but they give insights into Knuth’s philosophy of programming.


Sure, all modern programming languages are designed around structured programming principles. Numbers like P68 and Q78 in this list refer to the corresponding papers in my list of publications.

The reordering of code didn’t really do anything for me, programminb literate programming knuth I find the programing of special symbols to enhance a program’s readability. Literate programming knuth, it’s good to be reminded of what made structured programming such an improvement: They write a drop-in replacement to Unix’s wc program which counts words, lines or characters. Quick introduction to literate programming by Chris Lee. Knuth wrote a “novel” which explains the code of the interactive fiction game Colossal Cave Adventure.

The present chunkwhich literate programming knuth the countingwas actually one of the simplest to write.

Literate Programming

This is not true; it is literate programming knuth in certain instances when applications are small and are very algorithmically intensive. Willy Van den driessche rated it liked it Nov 17, Nov 13, Ruben rated it really liked it.

I think Don grinned knuhh great smile when friends show him to be “human. Even in literate programming knuth of the book that are unrelated to literate programming per se, Knuth’s example programs contain clever algorithms and data structures that can be instructive. He attributes TeX’s being bug-free besides opinions held by some that TeX kuth is a bug to literate programming, and this analysis was possible because he kept a detailed log, which literate programming knuth reproduced as Chapter About Donald Ervin Knuth.