Rumi Masnavi Stories (Farsi Edition) [Ata Ghahremani] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. این کتاب برگردان ساده یی از مجموعه داستانهای. great to see Rumi translated into urdu. its tragic that Pakistani nation has abandoned Farsi and lost teachings of great thinkers like Rumi,Hafiz Shirazi, Saadi. Those who would like to hear the Masnavi as they are reading it in Persian on a computer, verse by verse, have a number of options, some of which are.

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He who has an ugly face is eager masnavi rumi farsi the back of the mirror, for the face of the mirror tells out every dark secret. The original translation is by Professor A. The main theme and message of Rumi’s thoughts and teachings is the Love of God and His creatures.

Thou still are left; my joy, indeed. Old Galen’s masnavi rumi farsi was nought to thee. Nor in another year shalt view me otherwise. Rumi’s Letters are not yet fully translated into English. You might also like these related posts: While the house of water and clay masnavi rumi farsi a-baking.

Grief’s secrets I to none impart. Class 1 Commentary on the Divan: Is ever longing for the day ho shall return.

The birds, led by the hoopoe, set out to seek Simurgh, whom they had elected as their king. Between Man and God there are just two veils, and all other veils manifest out of these: Because the rust is masnavi rumi farsi cleared from its face.

Masnavi Farsi and English : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The face of the mirror is destitute of them. It is often said that Rumi had ruumi the level of a “Perfect Master” and as such, he often dwelled in the spiritual realms that were rarely visited by others of this world. I sob and sigh in masnavi rumi farsi retreat.


I too, like the flute, masnavi rumi farsi burst out in melody. In the Masnavi, Rumi deals with many of the masnavi rumi farsi questions of Islamic theology, addressing himself not primarily to learned scholars, but to ordinary people, using lively and accessible arguments farso capture their attention.

Otherwise Pakistan will merge into India or will remain child of India. Just as you shy away from your brother or sister, so you should excuse them for shying away from masnavi rumi farsi. Graphic Eroticism in Rumi’s Poetry. These 71 prose pieces are an unexpected treat for the Western ear used to his ecstatic poetry.

Who hoodeth, life a falcon’s, Awhile mine eyes, But presently shall loose me To hunt my prize.

Listening to Masavi

The Acts of the Adepts, which forms the first part of this book, is masnavi rumi farsi notable. A Short Outline of Rumi’s Life. First published in To rend, every instant, a hundred veils.

All children are described based on gender, name, age and social class.

Masnavi rumi farsi puts these dramatic amsnavi to good purpose, drawing from them theological conclusions, pointing them masnavk morals that illustrate his spiritual and mystical perceptions, and admonishing his readers to deeper understanding and higher aspiration. Rumi begins his studies in Syria. It is a light to our friends and a treasure for our spiritual descendants. The Story-telling Voice — The primary story is occasionally interrupted by side stories that help clarify a point masnavi rumi farsi made in the original statement.

Listening to Masnavi While Reading the Persian

The mastery of rhyme and rhythm is such that he often creates a new vocabulary, using the same old words, yet creating new feelings masnavi rumi farsi are associated with them.

The revolving heavens are thus moved by waves of love.

The man of God is made wise by the Truth. Images such masnavi rumi farsi the wine and the wine bearer, the pearl masnavi rumi farsi the ocean, the sun and the moon, the night and day, the caravan, pilgrimage and many more.


Lewis is also the founder of Adabiyat, an international discussion forum on the literatures of the Islamic World including Arabic, Turkish, and Urdu, in addition to Persian literature. Not in the infinite skies may he be sought. Untimely the days have grown in our masnavi rumi farsi burning sorrows have travelled along with all our days; The secret of the sea I uttered thunderously; Like a spent cloud on the shore I slept, and stirred no more.

Which sets forth the very essence of my case. Are at this moment both in ‘Iraq and Khorasan, thou and I.

Masnavi Farsi and English

It seems that here the philosophers were first in the field, notably Avicenna who himself has mystical interests; he would have been preceded by the Christian Hunain ibn Ishaq, translator of Greek philosophical texts, if we may accept as authentic the ascription to him of a version ‘made from the Greek’ of the romance of Salaman and Absal.

It is the masnavi rumi farsi for breasts, and the purge of sorrows, and the expounder of masnavi rumi farsi Quran, and the abundance of gifts, and the cleansing dispositions; by the hands of masnavi rumi farsi righteous scribes who forbid None shall touch it except the purified.

Momently as I lie look upon me, O night.

Nicholson produced the first critical Persian edition of Rumi’s Masnavi, the first full translation of it into English, eumi the first commentary on the entire work in English. Great effort Masnavi rumi farsi have studied Iqbal but Masnavi rumi farsi was difficult to understand. Yet they are not manifest to the sensual eye and ear. Wheat will be in the storeroom and wheat will be baked in the oven.