Alloy of Law Campaign Setting & Game Supplement. $ – $ Select options · Sale! Alloy of Law: Masks of the Past (Mistborn Adventure Game). Rally Your Crew Based on the best-selling novels by Brandon Sanderson and powered by an all new story-driven rules system, the Mistborn Adventure Game. 14 Nov If you’re not familiar with Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn, it’s an epic dystopian fantasy series set in a world where ash drifts down from the sky.

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Resources Find the right game for you! The next chapter, titled Mistborn rpg the Worldcovers Standings and how to use them in play.

My impressions of the Mistborn Adventure Game : rpg

Just another thing you can do with traits? This is mistborn rpg by the various game and character sheets and an index. Again, I love Ben McSweeney’s art!

Honestly we tried to play this with friends and this game just flat flopped. This chapter makes the distinction between three types of NPCs: Instead, we mistborn rpg some abilities that are demonstrably better mistborn rpg others.

Secrets are detailed in their own chapter. It is similar to mistborn rpg creation for players, but offers a few shortcuts to speed up creation by a bit.

Mistborn Adventure Game

Basically, it is a “rules-light, strongly narrative storytelling game. Succeeding with a pair mistborn rpg fives is supposed to be much better than succeeding with a pair of twos. We try to keep the lists below up to date with active subreddits and prune it from time to time. This chapter is full of writeups for all of the various NPCs a crew might mistborn rpg.


First, a charm roll to detect what emotion the target is feeling.

Traits are player-defined abilities. Views Read Edit View history. Ah, but isn’t it possible to have less than two or more than ten dice in a pool? Second, a soothing roll to alter those emotions.

You then have to select one group to be strong, one to be average and one to be weak. Reading the rules it could be either one. This pool is limited to ten dice, though it is recommended to hold back a few mistborn rpg for defensive mistbkrn. Resources mostly wealthInfluence mostly political power and contactsand Spirit kind of like luck can be used to sway people and change the world around the characters, and it can also be spent to provide temporary bonuses and benefits.

Instead of commenting on each chapter individually, I’m mistborn rpg going give my overall impression: Each mistborn rpg also has three sections on using the character in your games: The Tragedy is a thing from the characters past. Whether or not you are new to these kinds of games doesn’t really mistborn rpg here; mistborn rpg advice is sound for everybody. The next 19 chapters treat each of the Allomantic metals and explain in game terms mistborn rpg they do based on which form of magic is using it.

Sometimes I find it hard to know what to pick for such open-ended abilities. On a success, Nudges add a little pizazz mistnorn flair or quicken the attempt.

RPG based on Mistborn novels cancelled

And those are just two examples. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Mistborn rpg. This chapter looks at how to handle these two narrative hooks in your games, with advice on encouraging players to explore these important facets of their characters. Oh, and you can’t have a setting titled Mistborn without mists, right?


I really like the artwork mistborn rpg is present, I just wish there was more of it to decorate the text.

Review of Mistborn Adventure Game – RPGnet RPG Game Index

Feruchemy is a form of magic that allows Keepers Terrismen Feruchemists to store attributes I use the term loosely here for later access in metal containers called metalminds. Don’t subscribe All Replies to my comments. A character has a Tragedy and a Mistborn rpg. It mistborn rpg explains the major secrets of the novels. Warrior-sorcerers called Allomancers derive magical power from common metals, and a violent aristocracy maintains their rule on the backs of a brutalized peasant class.

I have to admit, I’ve been a fan of McSweeney’s clean lines and vivid detail for a while now. Mistborn rpg explains that Mistborn: Now, some of it was the pressure of working in a Rog when mistborn rpg player is a HUGE Sanderson fan, but not all. Rogue elements don’t have to follow the rules, but they are then hunted down by the rest of mistblrn species. The next three chapters provide additional help and mistborn rpg on running Physical Conflicts CombatMental Conflictsand Social Conflicts.

AbleAbelian September 11, at Hemalurgy is a dark form of magic that uses metal spikes to transfer attributes mistborn rpg even powers! Willpower for mental, Health mistborn rpg physical, and Reputation for social. I’ll touch more on magic in Book Two, but here’s the basic breakdown:.