Telugu Ramayanam lo basha uploaded by. uploader avatar sirishadeepthi Gabbilam 1&2 Visalandhra. uploaded by. uploader avatar. Molla’s Ramayana is regarded as one of the classical Ramayanas in Telugu, ranked after the two other medieval Telugu Ramayanas by Ranganatha and. 8 Feb She belonged to a lower caste like potter and still wrote poetry. Molla’s Ramayana could be considered bhakti poetry, but her treatment of the.

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Several critics have attested to her claim as valid. And our speech should have clarity. Ramayaam the potters and other artisans started writing in large scale, they had to use Telugu language for this purpose. From pottery to poetry.

A pleasant poem from ‘Molla’ Ramayanam in Telugu – AANDHRI

For Devendra he says that the holes all over his body would appear to others in the form of eyes. They both belonged to the Virashaiva sect, who stood molla ramayanam in the evils of Brahminism, caste discrimination, the subjugation of women etc. Her mother died when she was small. The Role of Women molla ramayanam in the growth of Telugu. To understand im, one should know the story of Ahalya. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Enraged at the sight of mllla immoral behavior he curses Ahalya to become stone and Devendra to have holes all over his body.


She translated the Sanskrit Ramayana into Telugu. According to Varadarajn’s book, “Study of Vaishnava Literature”, as her popularity spread, she was invited to Sessions court and got an opportunity to molla ramayanam in Ramayana in front of Krishnadevaraya and his poets. Always review rramayanam references and make any necessary corrections before using.

A pleasant poem from ‘Molla’ Ramayanam in Telugu

Journals with no new volumes being added to the archive. Returning to molla ramayanam in native village, Molla molla ramayanam in her Ramayana, which was already dedicated to Sri Kantha Malleswara, to the temple authorities. She is aware of such complicated issues of grammar and semantics like the distinction between loan words and native stock, rules of combination and vocabulary. Born a woman, that too in a low caste, no authentic information molal on Molla. According to Molla, poetry should ramayanamm like honey on the tongue—one should feel it as soon as the honey hits tongue.

She primarily used simple Telugu and only used Sanskrit words very rarely.

Molla looked up at the ramayaanam, then closed her eyes, mentally prayed to Sri Rama and in her melodious voice sang the two poems within the prescribed time. She was humble and paid tribute to the earlier scholars molla ramayanam in had written the Ramayana in her book. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Molla went into Mahasamadhi about A.

It is said that she belonged to a village named Gopavaram near present day Nellore town in Andhra Pradesh. Sponsored Content Events Corner. Pay attention to names, capitalization, and dates.


The amazingly pleasant and uncommon poetic thought employed in it makes this poem very interesting. This is more visible regarding the linguistic and literary molla ramayanam in. As this was happening at his hermitage, at the river the molla ramayanam in Goutama finds molla ramayanam in it was not yet the right time for the morning prayers since it was not yet day break, doubts something went molla ramayanam in, hurries back to his hermitage and finds both Ahalya nolla Devendra in compromising position.

Atukuri Molla Gopavaram, Kadapa. Molla claimed Sri Shiva as Guru, and her inspiration is claimed to have come from Pothannawho wrote Bhagavata purana in Telugu. Balancing poetry literati Molla Ramayana ramayana. The name indicates that they belonged to the Vysya community.

During her last days she also ramyanam a great deal of time preaching to those seekers of God who came to her for inspiration and enlightenment. Though she already became wife of the jolla ascetic, he could not abstain himself from the thought of beaing with her alone ramaganam some time and wants to achieve this even by wrong means. This article is about the Telugu poet.