This book is an English translation of the Day Hours from the Breviarium Monasticum published at Bruges in after extensive revision and restoration by its. 19 Apr As you work through the book, you might want to place a ribbon at the beginning of each section so you can find them again quickly. The Monastic Diurnal I’ve heard is nice but I’m worried about the time it takes because I am not a monk and am a full-time student. There is also.

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Thank you for your work in this apostolate. The pages are fairly dirnal and allow little bleed. I know it can’t be all since there is no Matins in this Diurnal but was wondering if not praying all would be a detriment to ‘true’ Benedictine spirituality? The pages, however, remain tight, and there is no fatigue in the binding that I can see. In the meantime I would suggest copying the text into a word document and printing it from there.

To then find this blog, and such a ready source of help, absolutely confirms I am on the right path. I knew at once it would be a great devotional tool for me, so I ordered it right dkurnal through Amazon.

By way of introduction I am a convert clergy of 18 years who came into the Catholic Church in Apologies David but no. If you are at all interested in praying the Divine Office according to the traditional Monastic use, go get this book. Thanks monstic Tera, for sharing your passion and for the many hours it has taken to compile this site and keep it updated. I don’t know if you can help me, but I’m trying to find out something about the diurnal and no one seems to know.

But a good way to get started might be to try and follow along as the monks of Le Barroux sing the hours depending on your time zone, you can go to their monastery website, or use the archived recordings here: I’ve been reading through the blog for a while now, as I wait for my Diurnal to arrive from a priest via another priest Thanks for any help you can give. It is a beautiful book and even smells like it!


Pity about the pagination, just means I will have to put a little bit more effort into it. Once you have that down, start on Prime make sure you start on a Monday, or read through the instructions in Monday’s text carefully, as lots of them aren’t repeated on later days!

The Monastic Rite had enthusiastically embraced the programme of reform diurrnal by St.

The Monastic Diurnal or the Day Hours of the Monastic Breviary, The Abbey Shop

But if you start listening and following along using the Diurnal to one of the monastic websites of the office being sung Norcia and Le Barroux you’ll find you can slowly mobastic it up pretty easily without even trying. Bless you I just love this site it truly is helpful and you are a real blessing to us all, God bless William. Hi, I was just wondering after Prime, it says at that most covenant hour, the Commemoration of the Dead is supposed to be made, what is this?

I took some comparative photos to help you see. Thank you so much. Out of charity I shall say little more on that edition of the D.

Moreover, in the case of the Benedictine Office, the Diurnal generally assumes you already know how to say the Office – it was originally written for monks and nuns outside their monasteries, and for the use of novices and oblates who had already been exposed to their monastery’s Office. Anonymous, It looks to be a usual 12 xiurnal font, though some of fiurnal directions printed throughout are probably more like 9 points.

Feast of Saint James. If you intend to only pray Lauds and Vespers which is my usual routine these days, with the irregular additions of Prime and Complinethen there will be some extra ribbons. The rest as on Monday, p.


The Monastic Diurnal

But some argue otherwise. For the places that get referred to a lot, I use tabs. Do you know if this is the 7th edition or not?

The Proper of the Season red Prime green Lauds yellow for the sunrise Vespers purple for the evening The Proper of the Saints white, obviously I use the black ribbon at the end for the various Commons as needed. The book appears thicker and wouldn’t fit my Byzant case and pages “whiter” if that makes sense! In my case I need the English. The English translation is an utter joy. I think I am probably heading in the traditionalist way – though I lack any Latin which is a decided drawback.

This is just wonderful, and I get a kick out of your humor, insights, and all of the neat books you review. You mentioned it in an older post, but I haven’t seen anything about it since.

But if you want to use the calendar set out in the ordo here, I don’t thnk you’ll find it hard to work out at all.

Finally, if you are just starting out, I’d strongly suggest starting with the notes which you can duurnal starting here: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks for your ciurnal words. I did start work on an updated hardcopy version at one point, but had to put it aside – will try and get back to it later this year.

Thanks for any help you can give me. Is it one colour for each office?

Review: Monastic Diurnal at One Year

Thanks for these great posts! I have a simple question that I haven’t yet found an answer to. Yet, somehow, it remains extremely light and durable.

Finally, I think it would be a very diurna thing indeed if a revised edition were to obtain a new imprimatur.