Format: PDF What’s this? Language: Malayalam. More About Oru Lymgikathozhilaliyude Atmakatha by Nalini Jameela. Overview; |; Details; |; Customer Reviews. ENTE ANUNGAL. Author: NALINI JAMEELA Category: Publisher: DC BOOKS Language: MALAYALAM Face Value: ₹ Special Price:₹ 12 Apr Nalini Jameela, widely known for her maiden book ‘The Autobiography of a Sex Worker’ has claimed in an interview with that.

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I bought this book due to its intriguing title and because I got this book on Kindle for only Rs. One thing I really admire in this book was the love Nalini felt towards her daughter. Happy married life is solution for every social problems.

The story starts with a not so good n not so bad childhood. Nalni initiation rites, rituals, symbolisms, secret signs and code of conduct have further enhanced maalyalam aura of mysteriousness.

Rosechechi promised me Rs 50 if I spent time with a man. This article about an Indian writer or poet is a stub. Harassing policemen should be punished. The struggles of a poor woman, not just a sex worker but in general a poor woman and her struggles.

It was a farewell gift for him as he was getting transferred. If this was in place, sexual atrocities would not have happened or would have at least reduced, she said. Instead of constantly judging the sex worker, why are there very few films that show the realities of being trafficked, child abuse, the meagre wages and the importance of demanding protected sex?

This mapayalam the first time that I read someone’s biography, so even if this may be just an ordinary book for some, I really liked it.


Overall, I feel the book is worth the time invested. Nalini, a girl born in Kerala, to a working mother and a communist father tells her story. This memoir is malayaam jameeals’s thoughts and experiences being huddled together randomly right from childhood ,to sex-worker and then her role as an activist.

Social Mechanisms of Transformation]. The girl had been kept captive, fed sedatives and alcohol, traded for sex and raped by 42 men in a span jqmeela 40 days in the months of January and February I had to tell her what I was doing. Limit the search to the library catalogue.

Nalini Jameela Autobiography of a Sex Worker Malayalam – Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)

It can help men who have erectile dysfunction get and sustain an erection when they are sexually excited. However, I was expecting the emotional journey of a women through all this which this book completely lacks in. Jul 29, Geetika Vithalani rated it it was ok. A very average read overall. Paradoxes abound in the small state of Kerala — a sex worker who had no freedom of choice because of her economic conditions, today speaks about the other freedoms that she enjoys.

Nalini Jameela – Wikipedia

South China Morning Post. She managed to send money secretly for her children, through a friend, to her mother-in-law. I was looking for some good books in Amazon Kindle store and I came across this book. These houses were old tharavads where only a few women resided with a bodyguard and a broker in charge, and I was able to live comfortably.

Careers and malayalamm Equal opportunities Vacancies Apprenticeships.

She further added how in cinema, sex workers are depicted as a disease. When I googled about her I found she wrote her own autobiography. The sex worker has the freedom of choice not to go with a client that she does not like. Liked the raw honesty. Today, she is an activist-cum-sex worker speaking up for the marginalized section that she belongs to, working for them to prevent STDs, abuse and exploitation and fighting for their rights to a decent life.


There are legal sex centres across the world and even in India, but Kerala lacks one. Jun 15, Nitin Arora rated it it was ok. And due to this, it becomes necessary to let the sex workers enjoy their freedom and kameela a life of dignity, after all, no work is small, and when it is the only means of livelihood left as an option, they are not to be blamed.

We are mostly shown as living in inhuman conditions.

Those who exploit women engaging in sex or force women to sex should be punished. It takes a lot of courage for a sex worker to come forward like this.

The Autobiography of a Sex Worker

Several years later, during my higher studies in the city, once again I found myself staring at these women, jmeela time at a different location while traveling in a bus and making merry during the ja,eela. Nalini says that sex workers seem to have more freedom than ordinary women in this progressive state. I wish the translator and editor would have done a better job. Historical Questions and Theoretical Traditions. This is one of those books I had to drop in-between.