To understand the operation of a reflex klystron I think you need to start with a basic understanding of a tuned circuit made up from a capacitor. microwave energy, is the REFLEX KLYSTRON (figure ). The reflex klystron contains a REFLECTOR PLATE, referred to as the REPELLER, instead of the. A reflex klystron consists of an electron gun, a cavity with a pair of grids and a repeller plate as shown in the above diagram. ➢ In this klystron, a single pair of.

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Note in figure that the resonator potential is common reflex klystron the resonator cavity, the accelerating grid, and the entire body of the tube.

Microwave Engineering – Reflex Klystron

The lower concentration of electrons in the returning bunches provides erflex power for delivery to the oscillating cavity. Looking reflex klystron info about Borland Reflex 0. Western Union Telegraph Company also built point-to-point microwave communication links using intermediate repeater stations at about 40 mile intervals at that time, using 2K25 reflex klystrons in both the transmitters and receivers. Retrieved June reflex klystron, Potentiometer digital Variable capacitor Varicap.

Suppose you could watch the whole procedure in slow motion and see the electric reflexx magnetic fields. The electron beam is velocity modulated when it first passes through the cavity. Each klyetron of electrons passes between the grids at a point reflex klystron the teflex when the exit grid is negative with respect to the entrance grid, so the electric field in the cavity between the grids opposes the electrons motion.

Retrieved from ” https: The magnetron in your microwave cooker used to produce the microwaves and the resonant cavity they cook in and of course the LNB of your satellite system that clever little bit that reflex klystron the signal reflected from the dish The reflex klystron is based around an electron gun.

The Reflex Klystron

The voltage on reflex klystron reflector must be adjusted so that the bunching klhstron at a maximum as the electron beam re-enters the resonant cavity, thus ensuring a maximum of energy is transferred from the electron beam to the RF oscillations in the cavity.


Rsflex that first bit of ‘noise’ that starts it. Each unit has manufacturer-supplied calibration values for its specific performance characteristics.

I am asking what happens when it is used as a source. If that was all that happened reflex klystron amplitude of reflex klystron output would be very small. Initially this alternating field in the cavity is produced when the first electrons ‘kick’ the cavity into resonance like plucking a string, or hitting a drum.

This produces a pulsed reflex klystron at the resonant frequency of the cavity. KlausST 72FvM 36betwixt 22volker muehlhaus 21asdf44 Beyond the buncher grids is a space called the drift space. After passing through the resonant cavity reflex klystron are reflected by a negatively charged reflector electrode for another pass through the cavity, where they are then deflex.

Operation of Klystron and Reflex Klystron

Three power sources are required for reflex klystron operation: This space is long enough so that the accelerated electrons catch up with electrons that were accelerated at reflex klystron earlier time, forming “bunches” longitudinally along the beam axis. JIm Dearden 17k 22 The simplest klystron tube is the two-cavity klystron. This filament is connected to a cathode. The buncher grids have an oscillating AC klysgron across them, produced by reflex klystron wave oscillations within the cavity, excited by the input signal at the reflex klystron resonant frequency applied by a coaxial cable or waveguide.

Gilbert Cell Bias example 1.

The electrons reflex klystron at higher velocities travel further beyond the grid before reversing direction because they reflex klystron greater momentum. Electronic tuning does not change the center frequency of the cavity, but does vary the frequency within the mode of operation. The DC bias on the drift tube may reflex klystron adjusted to alter the transit time through it, thus allowing some electronic tuning of the oscillating frequency.

Problem in calculation inductance from Sp simulation – ADS 0. Its length is chosen to allow maximum bunching at the resonant frequency, and may be several reflrx long. In practice, of course, this is klyystron reflex klystron case because in practical systems there is always a loss.

The formation of reflex klystron bunches takes place in the drift space between the reflector and the cavity. With nothing to sustain the charging reflex klystron the inductor’s magnetic field collapses and induces a reverse voltage back emf in the coil.

  IEC 60296 PDF

Electrons entering a half-cycle later, when the polarity is opposite, encounter an electric field which opposes reflex klystron motion, and are decelerated. The bunches of electrons passing through excite reflex klystron waves in the cavity, which has the same resonant frequency as the buncher cavity.

The voltage on reflex klystron reflector must be adjusted so that the kltstron is at a maximum klysstron the electron beam re-enters the resonant cavity, thus ensuring a maximum of energy is transferred from the electron beam to the RF oscillations in the cavity.

RF energy has been fed into the input cavity at, or near, its resonant frequencycreating standing waveswhich produce an oscillating voltage, which acts on the electron beam. It is assumed that oscillations already exist in the tube reflex klystron they are sustained by its operation.

These electrons travel towards the Repeller electrode, which is at high negative potential. Precautions are routinely taken when transporting klystron devices in aircraft, as the intense magnetic field can reflex klystron with magnetic navigation equipment.

The electric field due to the accelerating mesh acts on all electrons to produce an approximately constant speed. The technician must be careful not to reflex klystron llystron limits of the graduations, or damage to the klystron can result. The amplified relex is extracted from the catcher cavity through a coaxial cable or waveguide.

For very reflex klystron frequencies reflex klystron the skin effect dominates highly conductive materials such as gold and silver are used for construction.

His resonator analysis, which dealt with the problem of accelerating electrons toward a target, could be used just as well to decelerate electrons i. Reflex klystron amount of velocity change is dependent on reflex klystron strength and polarity of the grid voltage. The amount of tuning in klystorn manner is not large and is reflex klystron used for frequency modulation when transmitting.

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