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RF Receiver AM, FM, SW-LW kHz ~ kHz, kHz ~ MHz, MHz ~ MHz, 64MHz ~ MHz PCB, Surface Mount QFN (3×3). 23 Jul I have gone through our Shortwave Radio Index (SWRI) and tagged every portable radio that is based on the Silicon Labs Si DSP chipset. The Si/35 is the first digital CMOS AM/FM radio receiver IC that integrates the complete tuner function from antenna input to audio output. Functional Block .

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To ensure proper operation and. Because unlike analog tuners which are based on hard-wired circuitry, the all-digital DiAS Digital Intelligent Advanced Sensing tuner relies sii4734 digital programming on a unified chip to deliver versatile next-generation performance. Reset, Power Up, and Power Down 4.

No manual alignment necessary.

Si/35 AM/FM/SW/LW Radio Receivers | Silicon Labs

My PL goes completely dead with an input signal of 50mV. The PL should handle 50mV per meter fairly well at sharper bandwidth. Typical Application Schematic 3. SW band support 2. Digital FM stereo decoder. Very sk4734 and well written article!


Wide range of ferrite loop sticks and air loop antennas supported. The radio is likely desensing due to strong signal. Retailers have given up on HD Radio as sales were always xi4734 nonexistent.

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Six Command Summary Table Freq synthesizer with integrated VCO. Audio Sample Si473 Figure Programming with Commands 5. Glad you liked the article. I wonder if the new chips have similar problems.

From the following description it sounds like it also varys the bandwidth according to the signal: Hi Radio, Brilliant article! Raj, 50mV if across si434 antenna terminals is quite a large signal. This is a great article.

Reset Timing Characteristics1,2,3 Figure 1. Top Mark Explanation 9.

In the radio’s menu system you can set the bandwidth to be fixed, or dynamic and adjusted by the radio’s DIAS II circuit automatically. Thanks for the nice article. Merlen Hogg Tormod Helleland. It could be that your HDR60 model contains this very chip.


Worldwide AM band support — kHz. Automatic gain control AGC. Recommended Operating Conditions Xi4734 2. I often find good articles here. Adjustable soft mute control.

Silicon Laboratories SI4734/35-B20 User Manual

Worldwide FM band support si44734 MHz. Absolute Maximum Ratings1,2 Table 3. Electrical Specifications Table 1. Reference Clock and Crystal Characteristics 2. DC Characteristics Table 4. It will be interesting to see what the new DSP chips show. Functional Block Diagram 4. Commands and Properties Table It’s too bad this chip is going in the wrong direction. Automatic frequency control AFC.

Package Markings Top Marks 8. Six Property Summary 6. Digital Audio Interface Si Only 4. JVC’s digital technology helps maximize the performance of regular analog broadcasts.