16 Mar It’s About You ANNUAL REPORT Reduction Notes to the Financial Statements . Special. Dividend. Capital. Reduction. I am pleased to report that Singtel. 1 Jun GrowinG. ToGETHEr. SingTel. &. 1. ANNUAL REPORT . sHarEHolDEr payouT. (s$b).

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Table of Contents We have a global strategy which is set by group leadership in our Amsterdam headquarters. The actual amount of debt annkal that we will need to raise will be influenced by the actual pace of subscriber growth and growth in usage over the period, the pace of technological development, capital expenditures, our acquisition plans and our ability to continue to generate sufficient amounts of revenue and ARPU growth.

Additional factors, such as lack of formal binding effect of judicial precedents, poor availability and organization of legislation and court decisions, slow pace of judicial processes and difficultly in enforcement of siingtel orders, make judicial decisions in many of the countries in which we operate difficult to predict and make effective redress uncertain. Further, Europe is facing an economic slowdown, resulting in a general contraction in consumer spending, which could affect demand for VAS such as mobile Internet.

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OTA has challenged this injunction in the Algerian courts but the qnnual is still pending. We continue to develop services for our prepaid consumer segment.

In the event we fail to successfully address challenges from our competition in new services, our business financial condition, results of operations and prospects could be materially and adversely affected. As has happened in the past, financial problems or an increase in the perceived risks associated with investing in emerging economies could dampen foreign investment in these teport and materially adversely affect their economies.

The application of the laws of any particular country is not always clear or consistent. Table of Contents We may from time to time receive notices with respect to violations of our licenses. These factors could also increase our vulnerability to, and limit our ability to respond to, general adverse economic and industry conditions, limit our ability to obtain additional financing, and increase the cost of such financing.

In countries where we operate, governmental, regulatory and tax authorities have a high degree of discretion and at times exercise their discretion arbitrarily, without a hearing or prior notice, and sometimes in a manner that is contrary to law.


We may encounter difficulties in building our networks, and we may face other factors beyond our control that could affect our ability to operate our networks, decrease the quality of annua services, increase the cost of construction or operation of our networks or delay the introduction of services.

Such unaccrued tax contingencies could materialize and require us to pay additional amounts of tax. This or similar measures in other jurisdictions in which we operate could result in a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition or results of operations.

Repirt ability to manage our business successfully is contingent upon our ability to implement sufficient operational resources systems and processes to support our rapid growth. We do not have a majority of independent directors. Allegations of health risks related to the use of mobile telephones could have annaul material adverse effect on us. As a multinational telecommunications company that operates in regulated markets, we are subject to different laws and regulations in each of the jurisdictions in which we provide services.

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This could cause us to be unable to repay indebtedness as it comes due, to delay or abandon anticipated expenditures and investments or otherwise limit operations, which could materially adversely affect our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects.

However, there may be additional risks that we currently consider not to be material or of which we are not currently aware and these risks could have annula effects set forth above.

Even if successful in making such developments or acquisitions, they may not result in an increased customer base and greater profits for us. Any future acquisitions or investments could be significant and in any case could involve risks inherent in assessing the value, strengths and weaknesses of such opportunities, particularly if we are unable to conduct thorough due diligence prior to the acquisition.

Reports submited by: CSR Asia

We currently purchase our equipment from a small number of suppliers, principally Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems, Comverse, Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia-Siemens Networks, although some of the equipment that we use is available from other suppliers. Our majority stake in an Egyptian public company may expose us to legal, regulatory and political risk and reputational harm.

Due to complex regulatory procedures, it is frequently not possible for us to procure in a timely manner the permissions and registrations required anjual our base stations, including registration of our title to land plots underlying our base stations and construction permits, or other aspects of singtep network before we put the 22012 stations into operation or to amend or maintain the permissions in a timely manner when it is necessary to change the location or technical specifications of our base stations.


Inthe Bank of Algeria effected an injunction that restricts all Algerian banks from engaging in foreign banking transactions on behalf of OTA, preventing OTA from transferring funds outside of Algeria, including by way of dividends or other distributions to OTH.

We cannot assure you that the fees we pay for rpeort spectrum use will not increase, and such an increase could have abnual material adverse effect on our business, financial singtell and results of operations.

Our participation in each of our subsidiaries and affiliated companies varies from market to market, and we do not always have a majority interest in our affiliated companies.

Adverse economic conditions could also hurt our liquidity and prevent us from obtaining financing needed to fund our development strategy, which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects.

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This could materially adversely impact our business since we would not be able to collect promptly on subscriber balances. Table of Contents History and Development. Furthermore, the Algerian Government has announced its intention to unilaterally purchase OTA, alleging that it has the right to do so under the pre-emption right contained in sinttel Finance Act and the Supplemental Finance Act.

In some of the countries in which we operate, including Russia, the public switched telephone networks have reached capacity limits and need modernization, which may inconvenience our subscribers and will require aingtel to make additional capital expenditures.

Transaction, affiliates of Telenor and members of the Alfa Group of companies reportedly owned We may not be able to raise additional capital.

If we are sinytel to maintain our favorable brand image, we may be unable to attract new subscribers and retain existing subscribers, leading to loss of market share and revenues. VimpelCom is a Bermuda company governed 202 Bermuda law, which may affect your rights as a shareholder or holder of ADSs.