About This is all I ask. From Lynn Kurland, the New York Times bestselling author of the Nine Kingdom series. Set near the Scottish border at a rugged castle on. 9 Mar I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to read This Is All I Ask, Lynn Kurland took two people – one who was horribly abused by her. 10 Dec Codi Gary stops by for another excellent Swoon-Worthy Hero Highlight, spotlighting a dreamy dragon from Lynn Kurland’s THIS IS ALL I ASK.

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Three wizened old crones who stole my heart. Gillian and Christopher, two tortured souls that could find peace in each others arms. Romance Let’s end this with a bang me thinks. It was amazing how many times he “looked” at things. Gillian after losing her brother, who was the only one that loved her, she feels that she has no courage or beauty inside or out.

He can apparently joust with a few shouted hints from his squire, sword fight, wrestle, and do hand to hand combat. Kurland has a tendency to make her terrifyingly powerful warriors have an incredibly soft underbelly. Published October 1st by Berkley Publishing first published January 1st Gillian this is all i ask lynn kurland an interesting character, and probably the reason I kept reading as far as I did, despite everything.

The air of magic and sheer wonder.

This Is All I Ask

I could go with some incoherent babbling, but nowhere near the extent of conversation she holds with “blanket” during her recovery. I love how Lynn Kurland writes. The thing is, you can memorize how many steps it takes to get around your keep, and the general location of furniture.


How he dealt with his blindness showed immense strength of this is all i ask lynn kurland that made him one of the most attractive and wonderful heroes ever. Mar 02, Rhapsody rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The thing is I liked the characters!

I found it disturbing.

this is all i ask lynn kurland Though the story lacks an explicit love scene my only complaint! I wish she was real. But wait, there’s more! Two lost souls who find in each other a reason to live again, to laugh again, and to love for the very first time Her abusive, cruel father is two dimensional and a typical ‘evil’ character used as a plot device to show how the heroine is vulnerable but it all just feels contrived of the bad parts medieval romance genre, especially the hero with the fierce reputation as a wicked man with a ‘black soul’ eye roll with nothing of substance to back up these c This book is so derivative it hurts.

This is all I ask by Lynn Kurland |

One person found this helpful. Oh, and in case I didn’t make it clear, I don’t recommend.

I was sure the author was going to suggest that this bump on the head had restored his wight, but that’s not at all what happened. I still love how Gillian overcomes the horrible physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, as well as how Christopher finally comes to terms with the fact that his disability does not make him less of a man in truth.

I have really come to love and enjoy Lynn Kurland’s books. Instead of finding the Devil, she finds a wounded, proud and wonderful man, a man who this is all i ask lynn kurland her love to become whole again – her soulmate.


And further, they were flawed. He has no intention of asking her to be a real wife, nor does he intend to be a real husband, because he’s been wronged by his first wife who’s now conveniently dead.

For me, that is a bonus. She didn’t shirk her duty to try to see Christopher appeased at all times. The characterisation in this book was epic, everything and everyone’s involvement wove together magically.

This book is magic. He avoids her for a while this is all i ask lynn kurland deciding that maybe the marriage isn’t tha Loved it. And, of course, the villain of the piece is tihs abusive father, who is pure cardboard.

I felt that took things off course and it this is all i ask lynn kurland hard to follow their antics. Lynn Kurland has written some of my favorite heroes who I will probably share in the near future but the Dragon of Blackmour holds a special place in my heart.

The path to Chris and Gillian’s happy ending is fraught with a lot of thid, the prime one being both find it very difficult to trust in other people. It was all really sweet She has never had freedom or to be able to think for herself.

I wished for more heat and more focus on that and the rest could have been edited out. I’d read Stardust of Yesterday. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Other books in the series.