Preview Toshiba Telephone DKTSD – Digital Phone – Charcoal User’s Manual Online and Download PDF Manuals & Instructions for FREE from. Download Toshiba DKTSD – Digital Phone – Charcoal User’s Manual to your computer. Download free PDF user manuals for Toshiba DKTSD. 1 Feb No part of this manual, covered by the copyrights Strata is a registered trademark of Toshiba Corporation. .. DKTSD Telephone. Msg.

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Select a city by using the corresponding softkeys. When the call is terminated and another is attempted from the same station, the original COS is applied.

Toshiba DKTSD | User Manual

Liquid Crystal Display One- touch buttons can be preassigned to your telephone toshiba dkt3220 sd manual your System Administrator can help you identify them. The LED is steady green. If you were toshiba dkt3220 sd manual an extension during the call, and you have line button on your telephone, the line LED will flash until the call is picked up depending on programming. Voice mail plays dk3220 announcement to the caller and the dtk3220 destination starts ringing.

These buttons are described in Chapter 2 — The Basics.

Press manul remove soft key. If a button does not appear on your display or telephone keystrip label, see your System Administrator for button assignments.


Conference Calls The Basics Conference Calls Conference Calls You can conference together up to eight toshiiba including your own – with up to six parties being external network lines. From the Options screen, press the Weather soft key toshiba dkt sd manual check the weather of a location. If the system is set for Verified Account Codes, station users must enter a specific code toshiba dkt3220 sd manual entering the Voluntary Account Code s or the code is not validated for the SMDR call report.


Enter text from picture: To place a call on hold, press. If a phone has ONA registered, and one of its destinations has Screen Call registered, toshiba dkt3220 sd manual when a call is routed by ONA to that destination, the call simply rings the phone instead of screening it.

Toshiba dkt sd manual eBook download

Click the icon wrench. See your System Administrator for details. When you hang up, the volume returns to the default toshiba dkt3220 sd manual. The destination telephone must be programmed to accept an OCA. Weather You must have administrative privileges to add or remove Weather.

Forced Toshjba Codes Notes The following notes apply to telephone systems that are networked.

When an outside call is in progress, the Toshiba dkt3220 sd manual appears as shown on the right. Do Toshiba dkt3220 sd manual Disturb Privacy, Redial Advanced Operation Privacy Privacy Privacy controls the ability of more than one person to use the same extension or CO line at the same time.

The call is placed in the list along with the number, name if providedtime and date of the call, and status of msnual call answered, abandoned, or redirected. Page of Go. How To Use This Guide, and Direct Station Selection Buttons hotline Answering A Toshiba dkt3220 sd manual Flexible Button Codes What’s My Line When a door phone calls, you hear a distinctive ringing tone, one or five times set in system programming.


Important – Read First Dial the extension where the call will be transferred.

Dial the extension where you wish to transfer the call. Digits display as they are dialed. Advanced Operation Background Music Background Music You can set background music over your toshiba dkt3220 sd manual speaker or over external dlt3220. Buttons And Leds The main difference is that you todhiba toshiba dkt3220 sd manual mouse or stylus to select buttons. Using The Directory To Call Making A Call Advanced Operation Call Waiting To review, press To re-record, press To append, press To cancel recording, press To save, press Pressing 9 saves your announcement, then voicemail transfers the call to the extension you entered.

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Toshiba DKT3220-SD – Digital Phone – Charcoal User’s Manual

Press center button among the Navigation buttons. It describes the various models for the following two types of units. Press the soft key next to the location.

Line LEDs light red or kanual and flash at varying rates to indicate call status see Table Start Toshiba dkt3220 sd manual Softipt The call rings the destination station and your telephone returns to the idle state. Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

Do Not Disturb Override