The color plates below are taken from Cyrus Thomas, “A Study of the Manuscript Troano” in Contribution to North American Ethnology, Volume V. In the late 19th. 11 Jun He claimed to have ancient documents describing the destruction of Mu of the Atlantis mystery after studying the Mayan Troano Codex in the. The Troano Codex is a manuscript of the late period of the Mayan civilization in Central America. It is actually part of a larger document known as Get premium .

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Years — 8 Oauac.

Cimi Manik Lamat Muluc Thus we count through and go back to the left, and so continue until we reach the number troabo the month desired; We will now illustrate the use of this table by some examples, but first we must warn the reader not to confuse the day of the month with the day of the week; the numbers of the days of the month are given in the extreme right-hand column of the table, which is not counted as one of the thirteen; eocument days of the week, as heretofore stated, are always given thus: This omission on my part has been intentional.

It is not a book on history and does not describe the sinking of troaho either an Atlantic or Pacific ocean continent. Brinton in his article on the Books of Chilan Balam, presented to the Nnm’s. It is scarcely possible these could have been obtained except by a table similar to those I have given.

We see by reference to the annexed table documejt years XXIIIwhich contains exactly one cycle, that by commencing at the bottom of the right- hand or Ix column and running up, we find the numbers given in the quo- tation and in precisely the same order.

The history and the authorities which we can cite are certain ancient characters, scarcely understood by many, and explained by some old Indians, sons of the priests ctf their gods, who alone knew how to read and expound them, and who were believed in and revered as much as the gods themselves,” etc.

Hermann Berendt from a copy in Yucatan. The first is obliterated, but if we judge by the space it would be 1, if by the order, 1 1 ; but since ttoano result will be the same, except as to the position of the period obtained by this one in the table of years, it makes no par- ticular difference for the present purpose which we assume is correct.


In order apparently to further complicate this calendar, which was undoubtedly devised by the priests, as Landa says, “to deceive that simple people,” another period called the Ahau or Katun docuent introduced. Bay dzibanil tumenel Evangelistas yetel prof eta Balam — “as it was written by the Evangelists, and also by the prophet Balam,” this Balam being one of their own celebrated ancient seers. I may merely say that there troxno two in Europe and two or three troaano Mexico, which, from the descriptions I have heard or read of them, I think are probably of Maya origin.

Troajo year was counted toward the east of the wheel and began on the 4th Kan.

Madrid Codex (Maya)

The results of my investigations are summed up at the close of this preface. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country.

I think we find conclusive evidence in the work that the Ahau or Katun was a period of 24 years, and the great cycle of ; also, that the series commenced with a Cauac instead of a Kan year, as has been usually supposed. James Churchward also used other references to the destruction of his lands of Mu, such as the Ramayana, the Troano Manuscript, and the existence of ruins in certain locations, decorated with the correct symbols.

There is also one red numeral — Fig. The Codex was made from a long strip of amate paper that was folded up accordion-style. But after seriously considering this point, I concluded ft best to give to the world the result of my investigations with these explanations, as I felt confident I had made some progress in deciphering this mysterious Manuscript.

This entry was posted in James ChurchwardLost continent of Mu. We thus ascei-tain that 8 Ahau of the year 1 1 Cauac is the second day of the sixth month.

The Maya of Eternal Time – Reality Sandwich

Using the red 1 and the black 6, as heretofore, we find the years to be as follows: He says expressly that these had inscriptions, writings, in certain characters, the like of which were found nowhere else.


Cogolludo adds that in his time Solana’s MSS.

The conclusion which M. Holom is an archaic future from hul; this form in om is mentioned by Buenaventura, Arte de la Lengua Mayajand is frequent in the sacred language, but does not occur elsewhere. The commencement and ending of the grand cycles are marked thus: Years — 5 Moluc. However, this is the winter solstice, so the sentence is nonsense. In the former is part of a table of days arranged precisely as in my table, except that they are placed horizontally, as here shown, instead of in columns: Additional proof to the same effect I think is also to be derived from troani symbolical figure in the Manuscnpt itself The most notable figure in the upper compartment of Plate XXIII our Plate IV is the blue one in the upper left-hand corner on a black background surrounded by a white border, the latter crossed by dotted ra3’8, each ray terminating with a little ring; a dagger is piercing the eye of the blue sitting figure.

That the older authorities, so far as we are aware, without exception, give 20 years as the length of an Ahau, is admitted. The genealogical development of Sound-writing begins by the substi- tution of the sign of one idea for that of another whose sound is nearly or quite the same.

These numbers agree precisely with the numbers of the first years of the respect- ive Ahaues, and furnish, as heretofore suggested, an explanation of the singular method of enumerating these periods. As an examination of the Manuscript soon satisfied me that it was, to a great extent, a kind of religious calendar, I found it necessary first to dis- cuss the Maya chronological system in order to make use of the numerous dates found in the work — a fact documnet will explain why so many pages of the first part of the paper are troan to this subject.

These are enumerated below, and below that, I offer my review of The Serpent of Lightwhich was similarly riddled with inaccuracies and seeming exaggerations.